Thanks Limerick

Limerick hurlers made their exit from this year’s championship with what can only be described as a very strange and uncharacteristic performance against Kilkenny. They were like rabbits caught in the glare of headlights as Kilkenny raced into a big lead, one they were never able to claw back though, to their credit, they came to within one point of doing so. Commentators all stated that Kilkenny were by far the better team but some of the stats do not show that.  Limerick had far more shots at the posts and missed some sitters that they normally would convert in their sleep. It was going to be a lucky bounce that would decide this and it happened when, after a brilliant save by the Kilkenny goalkeeper, the ball broke between one of the backs and an inrushing Limerick forward. The ball broke to the back averting a certain goal. It was not to be Limerick’s day but they did the county proud in the way they never gave  up the struggle and fought to the bitter end. There will be other days but in the meantime thank you lads for giving us such joy and entertainment over the past couple of years. Roll on 2020. 

Pilgrimage to Knock

The annual parish pilgrimage to Knock is on this Thursday, August 1st. The departure time is 8am from the Memorial Hall. There are a couple of seats still available so if you decide to go, inform Peggy Casey or Agatha Barrett.

Sacristan’s Collection

The Sacristan’s Collection for Carol will take place on Saturday, 10th and Sunday 11th of August. Envelopes can be got in the Church. Your support is appreciated.

Thank You

Lios Tuathail Athletics Club would like to sincerely thank all the people of Athea who so generously supported there “Night at the Dogs ” fundraiser which was held last Friday, July 26th in Tralee Greyhound Track.


The Danaher McGrath Trust is seeking applications for a scholarship for third level students. In order to apply for the scholarship students must meet the following criteria:

  • Applicants must reside or have resided in one of the following Parishes prior to taking up their studies: Athea,  Abbeyfeale, Mountcollins, Tournafulla or Templeglantine
  • The Scholarship is provided on a mean test basis and is for students of limited means. Proof of means will be requested and required under the application process
  • Students who are undertaking courses of study in Irish language, Irish literature or music will be given preference in the application process
  • Application forms are available from secondary schools in Tarbert, Abbeyfeale and Newcastle West and from Woulfe Murphy Solicitors upon request (068-31106)
  • The closing date for applications is the 31st August 2019 no late applications will be considered

Applications should sent to:  The Danaher McGrath Trust Scholarship Application, 

C/O Woulfe Murphy Solicitors,  The Square, Abbeyfeale,  Co. Limerick

The Scholarship is open to students or prospective students of all third level institutions in Ireland.  The scholarship is an annual scholarship for the duration of the scholarship fund. The minimum award will be €2000 per annum.

The maximum award will be €5000 per annum. Up to 5 scholarships will be awarded each year.

Students are entitled to apply for the scholarship each year. No student will be awarded the scholarship for more than 4 years in duration.

Where a student fails to pass an academic year they cannot be awarded the scholarship to repeat the same academic year.

The Scholarship will be awarded to full time students only and is not available to part time students.

No canvassing will be tolerated and the decision of the Trustees is final.

A Sport for All

by Domhnall de Barra


People who never watched golf before were glued to their TVs for the final day of the British Open in Portmarnock recently. They wanted to see an Irishman, Shane Lowry, keep his lead going into the last day and emerge as a major champion. He duly obliged and history was made. Other Irish golfers have won majors in the past but none of them caught the imagination of the Irish public like Shane did.  Why is this so?  The answer is simple. Shane is a down to earth, fellow next door, genuinely nice fellow who has no airs and graces but is endowed with a natural talent that is the envy of golfers all over the world. He is like a cuddly teddy bear  unlike some of the other golfers who spend their time in the gym honing their muscles to achieve greater distance in their drives. There is a refreshing honesty about him that appeals to everyone and he thoroughly deserves all the praise and adulation he now receives.  It is no secret that I am a golf enthusiast and spend as much time as I can on the course so I hope that Shane’s win will encourage more people, especially, the younger generation, to take up the game.  What is so good about golf? Well, for a start, you don’t have to be any good at it to enjoy it. There is a handicap system that ensures all golfers compete on an even basis. It is probably the only competitive game that the better you get the more you are penalised but it makes for great competition and a chance for everyone to win. I am talking, of course, about the amateur game that thousands enjoy all over the country every day. Joining a club costs a bit but when you put it into perspective it is relatively cheap. Annual membership varies from club to club averaging about €600 per year. Break that down into a weekly subscription and it works out at  just over €10 a week. That is about the price of two pints and won’t even buy one packet of cigarettes. What you get for your subscription is a chance to play golf whenever you like. It gets you out into the open air, exercising most of the muscles in your body, for about four hours and a chance to meet new friends. You learn a lot about a fellow golfer over 18 holes and of course they learn a lot about you. During a round of golf you will experience various emotions from the elation of hitting a really good drive or sinking a long putt to the utter dejection  of fluffing a fairly simple chip from off the green. It is a game where character is really important. Honesty is paramount and cheaters are soon found out and dealt with. You have to have respect for the rules of the game and your fellow golfers. It may be  the finest day of the year or the rain is pouring down; it makes no difference. I always deem it a privilege to be able to play the game because I know that there are many, maybe in hospital wards, who would gladly change places with me. Then there is the 19th hole, the clubhouse, where we gather after the game to have a coffee, or something stronger if we aren’t driving, and the game is replayed again and again. I have made many great friends over the years and I have had the honour of being president of a club once and captain on three occasions. Nowadays I play my golf in Castleisland and Newcastle West but, through my membership of Athea Golf Society, I get to play different courses once a month.. The society in Athea is open to everybody and you don’t have to be a member of a club to join.  Experience is not necessary and we will even rustle up a few clubs to lend to somebody starting off. We have great craic on our outings and I thoroughly recommend it to anybody. Another thing about the game of golf is the fact that there is no age barrier. Some of my golfing buddies are in their eighties and still going strong, so if you now have a bit of time on your hands, give it a go; you won’t be disappointed.

I received the following from a John O’Riordan in response to my article last week via email. It speaks for itself.

President of the United States of America Mr Donald J Trump

May God Bless Him and America from a grateful people in Doonbeg Co Clare.
Don’t believe the FAKE NEWS the media and the Democrats are putting out about a great man.
He truly is making America great again.
As for travellers you are one of the bleating hearts who tolerates the mayhem they cause,  if you were robbed and beaten up by those f….rs you might have a different view.
By the way a Community site is not a place for personal political views.
Make America Great Again
4 More Years ………
With God’s Help.
The Doonbeg Appreciation Club

Mr O’Riordan has every right to his views and there has to be a very large number of people out there with similar leanings otherwise the  likes of  Donald Trump would not get elected to office. I, however reserve the right to differ and to express that difference in my column in Athea and District News.  That is democracy and the right to free speech at work. I also reserve the right to speak out on behalf of minorities who are discriminated against whether it be in Ireland or anywhere else in the world. People of Irish descent should remember that we once were treated as lesser mortals when we emigrated to England and other states to make better lives for our families. If any of you disagree with my poor offerings every week, please let me know. This column is open to everybody