By Peg Prendeville

Jack O Grady with his 3 great grandchildren Jack, Tommy and Maggie  on his 95th birthday.

Congratulations to my neighbour Jack O’Grady who celebrated his 95th birthday last Sunday. It is great to see him still in his own home lovingly cared for by his grand-daughter Kim and her husband Tom (T-bag) Mulvihill.

The Drive-in Cinema in Foynes last weekend was a great success and a new experience for many of us here in West Limerick. It was grand to be able to sit in your own car, eating snacks and watching the big screen in total comfort. It may be the start of a new tradition.

The Bromore cliffs are on the Beale road to Ballybunion. There is a lovely walk all around the cliffs and it well worth the visit. There is a small fee for the car park. Mike Flahive, the owner, had the clever idea of organizing a “Hay & Tae” gathering each summer and last Sunday night was the night this year so, on our way to Ballybunion, we stopped there for a while. A fellow played the bagpipes on the cliff edge while a stall was being set up with tea and biscuits. Pikes were being distributed to anyone who wished to partake in the making of a few wynds of hay which was gathered into rows. This was to re-enact the old tradition of making hay-wynds and having tea in the meadow afterwards. It is amazing how we all want to move on and make progress with bigger tractors etc but love to watch the old traditions being kept alive also. There was a big “meitheal” eager to help on Sunday night but I doubt they would be so anxious to help if there was a big meadow of hay in front of them every day of the week.

I am delighted to hear that the library in Athea will be featured on a postage stamp to be released in August. It marks the centenary of the death of Andrew Carnegie who provided the grant to build the libraries. Well done Athea!