By Peg Prendeville

I was delighted to hear the cuckoo last Saturday. It is the first sign of summer on the way. It is good to know he has arrived in spite of the storm. Maybe Hannah helped him to speed up! Thankfully Storm Hannah did not do too much damage but all plants and trees got an awful bashing and all our windows need cleaning after her. But, at least nobody got hurt.

Ballyhahill NS Parents Association is holding a Bag Packing fundraiser this coming Saturday, the 4th May, in Tesco, Newcastlewest. All support appreciated.

This Thursday May 2nd is National Poetry Day. I am aware that poetry is not everyone’s cup of tea but it is good to celebrate it as it can be very relaxing to listen to or to read poetry. So try and find a minute to recall a poem you learned at school or have read at some time in your life.

Poetry and rhyming can be used in so many ways. After all it is the

  1. first language of a baby
  2. can be used to tell a story
  3. to paint a moment in time
  4. to pay a tribute to somebody
  5. to record history
  6. to play with words
  7. to relax
  8. to comfort when sad
  9. to celebrate when glad
  10. to keep a child happy e.g. clap hands poem
  11. to soothe a baby

So it is not a waste of time after all.

My Gift of Rhyming by Paddy Faley R.I.P.

I didn’t get the gift of music, neither can I sing

My feet weren’t made for dancing that so much pleasure to others bring.

Still my mind is cheerful and my days are always bright

For the gift I got of rhyming with words is my delight.

In God’s world that nature cares there’s music, song and dance

In the flora and the fauna I see love and romance.

Then words come freely to me to express my thoughts in rhyme

God’s earthly things all seem to speak and sanctify my time.

In some songs that I have written how delightful then to hear

Their words being set to music to bring pleasure to the ear

Of others not so fortunate who got no gifts to use the pen

For putting words together to cheer their fellowman.

So to God I’m really thankful for the gift I did obtain

I hope I’ll always use it His goodness to proclaim

For to Him is due the credit for everything I own

May He guide my every footstep

as through this life I’m going.