By Kathleen Mullane

Well, thankfully, ‘Storm Hannah’, though quite turbulent and strong on Friday night, didn’t do much damage, a lot of branches and trees down and whatever sort of dust it brought with it, windows were covered in it. Electricity was out in many parts, we were lucky it was just overnight – some places were out much longer. Hopefully that’s the end of the storms for this year – with May starting this week can you believe it?

The blessed well in Templeathea in the past, had many visitors on the Saturday before May started and of course ‘May Eve’ was the day when the holy water was sprinkled on the land, cattle and houses etc to keep away the ‘evil spirits’ – those traditions are mostly non-existent nowadays.

Well it’s back to school this week for all students after a lovely Easter break – this term being very short due to a late Easter. College students are busy doing their exams at present and the Junior and Leaving Cert only 5 weeks away – another school year almost over – the year went so quickly. We wish all students the very best as they face into a stressful time for themselves and of course their parents also. The important word for them is  – RELAX.

The 2nd winner of the “Split the Bucket” which was drawn on Saturday night by the Lourdes Invalid/Volunteer group was Liz King of Carrigkerry who is congratulated. We again thank sincerely all who have supported the fund. We now hope to be able to fund 3-4 invalids as well as the 3 youth volunteers which is brilliant. Don’t forget Teresa O’Halloran’s ladies monthly night out his Friday 3rd at Brown Joe’s – this is a fundraiser also for the Lourdes Fund – so we hope you will come along and support it – it’s a fun night of games, bingo and craic and you might even win a spot-prize.

Have you heard of “The Big  Hello” – I hadn’t until recently. It’s where communities get together, bring along some food etc, welcome newcomers into the parish or town, get to know different people and families. Nowadays some don’t even hardly get to speak with their next-door neighbour, all families are rushing going out to work and activities with their children, not like some years ago when everyone knew everyone else and every door was wide open and welcoming and if your were short of milk, bread or any of “the essentials”  you could borrow – so it’s a nice thought and seems to be working well in places!

“What sweetness is left in life if you take away friendship? It is like robbing the world of the sun”