By Kathleen Mullane

“Mothering Sunday”

Well there is so much happening on this Sunday, March 31st. Firstly the clocks go forward this weekend – so don’t forget you will have an hour less in bed – but to compensate that we will have ‘lovely brightness’ now in the evenings. Many love the transition from ‘winter’ to ‘summer time’ – especially those living on their own and isolated. Others like the longer, darker evenings especially if you have a hectic busy lifestyle, it gives one a bit of extra ‘relaxation time’! In the not too distant future it seems the time will remain the same all year round – we wait and see.

The next important event on Sunday next is “Mother’s Day”. What is a mother? I’m sure the younger generation (like we did when we were young) thought our mother was the one that was always ordering us about – “tidy your room” – “be home before a certain time” and nowadays “get off those phones” and “Xboxes”! I suppose it’s as one gets older they realise that a mother is “someone who gives and cares, dreams and plans, makes the impossible happen! A mother is someone who keeps ‘going’ and ‘giving’ caring and helping . She’s too often the last “to be thanked” – but should always be first in our Hearts. So out of those beds early next Sunday and treat your mother to breakfast in bed and give a helping hand around the house during this one day of the year – Happy Mother’s Day to all you terrific mothers out there.

The Tidy Towns are hosting their annual Fashion Show on April 17th in the hall. Tickets are available locally. As we all realise the group do terrific work here in our parish and should be fully supported. Incidentally, it has been brought to my attention that individuals are bringing in empty food cans and depositing bags of them in the street bins. The crows then are pulling out all the rubbish from the bins. Do people not realise there are bottle banks at the graveyard for depositing empty food-cans – please keep our street clean and tidy and use the bottle bank for cans.

DVDs of the recent GAA fundraising S.D.C. are available now at Collins’. A nice keepsake of the memorable night.

Congrats to Eamon Sexton and his son William of Upper Athea who celebrated their 50th and 21st birthdays respectively at their home on Saturday night last along with family, relatives and many friends.

Tickets are going ‘like hot buns’ for the Gala Fundraising Concert this Sunday, 31st at 7pm in the Church. Carol has tickets in the Sacristy and they can be bought also in the local outlets and from me also. Monies raised on the night will go towards sending invalids and volunteers to Lourdes – there will be a great raffle also on the night. Any spot prizes would be very welcome. If anyone out there would like to give a donation to the fund it would be most welcome. Thanks to Knockdown Vintage Club who have already given a donation. Also we are so thankful for an anonymous donation – people are so good. It should be a great concert on Sunday night so come along and support our youth volunteers and invalids and enjoy the singing, music, dancing and a lot more. We will remember all who supported our fund-raiser, gave of their time, and all our parishioners when we light our parish  candle in Lourdes in June.