By Kathleen Mullane

Sympathies to a few families this week –

Teresa McCarthy of Devon Rd., Templeglantine was laid to rest on Saturday last following removal from Harnett’s funeral parlour on Friday evening. Sympathy to her husband Jerry and family and her niece Lisa Hunt of Clash, Athea.

The death has also taken place of Bridget (Bridie) Flynn, nee Copse, of Ballymorrisheen, Ardagh and late of Ballyloughane, Carrigkerry. Sympathy is extended to her sister Nora McCoy, Gortnagross, Carol O’Connor (niece), Lower Athea, and brother-in-law Jack Flynn, Templeathea.

A regular visitor to Athea has also passed away in England. Caroline Pierce of Gortnagross has lost her mother Sylvia Mary Horsley, who has been unwell for a while. A special requiem mass will be celebrated here in Athea at 12 o’clock this Friday, with burial of Sylvia’s ashes in Holy Cross afterwards. May all those who have passed away rest in peace and sympathy to all families.

On Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th August the collection will be taken up for our dedicated sacristan Carol O’Connor. Envelopes will be available at church doors. As we are all well aware Carol does an amount of work, from booking masses, to arranging the altar for all occasions, to making sure that everything is in order. So it would be nice if everyone could show their appreciation for her collection, in gratitude for all she does continuously.

Congrats to Katie O’Connor, Athea and Paul Stryker of Knocknagoshel who were blessed with a baby boy over the weekend, they are naming him Brayden. Congrats to the proud grandparents Teresa and Tom O’Connor, Hillside Drive.

It’s a real pity that so many ducks have recently been killed near the bridge. Many are surprised that there hasn’t been serious accidents on that bridge. The speed that some vehicles come over it is uncalled for. Maybe there should be a speed ramp on either side of the bridge to slow drivers down and maybe a sign “Watch Out For Ducks Crossing”. Another very dangerous bridge is out our Glin Road here near Cunningham’s. Again some cars go over the bridge so fast that they get “a speed wobble” in many instances. I’ve heard of walkers very nearly being missed, so in my opinion  a safer bet is if you hear oncoming traffic refrain from crossing the bridge until it’s well gone across.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the past few weeks is walkers, walking on the wrong side of the road in and out to Athea, also young people on bikes at the wrong side. Maybe there should be a sign up saying “Walkers on the Right, Cyclists on the Left”. Visitors may be unaware of the correct side also.