By Peg Prendeville

And still the sun shines and everybody is enjoying the “long hot summer” of 2018. I know we may suffer for it yet but it is enjoyable all the same.

The newly founded Knockdown Arms Walkers are being blessed with lovely Monday evenings for their weekly walk and all of them are enjoying the exercise and chat. Anyone is welcome to join. Just be in Knockdown at 8.15 on any Monday evening.

Congratulations to John and Helen Sheehy, Dromagarraun on the birth of their grandson Llewellyn Sheehy recently to their son Michael and Tanya.

Congratulations also to my sister Bridie and her husband Stephen Murphy on their 40th wedding anniversary last weekend. I composed the following song in their honour for their party in Moore’s last Friday night.

Way up in Carrigkerry

Not far from Moore’s Bar

There lives a handsome couple

In “Some View” in Glenastar.

They are now married forty years

And we wish them many more

As they celebrate their ruby

And get ready for the gold.

They’ve been blessed with lovely children

And grandchildren now also

Who’ve inherited their talents

And can put on their own show.

Between them they’ve got talent

And can act the amadán

While Bridie takes her camera out

And Stephen his bodhrán.

They love the fun and humour

And the craic in Moore’s Bar

They might sing of poor old Mikie

While enjoying the odd jar.

So to Bridie and to Stephen

We’ll raise our glasses high

And remember absent dear ones

To whom we’ve said Goodbye.

Now let’s gather round together

Maybe shed some happy tears

As we clap hands and wish them well

And give them both three cheers.