By Kathleen Mullane

Well, anyone that was in Ballybunion or indeed any beach over the weekend would agree that it was more like “Costa del Ballybunion”. What a difference the sun makes! If we only got more good weather, Ireland is the most beautiful and idyllic place to live in.

We travelled the short distance to Ballybunion on Sunday (and we should indeed be thankful to be so near our beaches). It was great to see that the town had got somewhat of ‘an uplift’ with many of the shops and houses newly painted. During the recession it had got very neglected and this was to be expected with a very short summer season. Also a new “patisserie” – bakery open on the main street and Lizzy Lyons’ had her new “Lizzy’s Little Kitchen” open near Super-Valu. Isn’t it marvellous to see places opening, rather than closing down. We stayed on the ‘Men’s beach’ which is much quieter that the ‘Ladies Strand’ – which, incidentally by mid-afternoon was packed to capacity. The view over the  calm, clear water was unreal. Lots of jelly-fish coming in on the sand. The one huge difference one could notice in comparison to other years was the many different nationalities now in our country. Different languages being spoken all around. And isn’t it nice too – when you think of the many Irish who travelled to foreign shores over the years, to make their living and were accepted. Anyway long may the spell of gorgeous weather last – the next thing we will be looking for is “Rain”, the water levels will have gone so low – can we ever be satisfied? Incidentally you have to pay to go on the beach in the USA if you are not from that town. 

Sincere sympathy to Gráinne Ahern and her family on the death of her dad Patsy Kennelly over the weekend. Many came to pay their last respects at Madigan’s funeral home in Shanagolden on Sunday evening. Burial followed Requiem Mass on Monday. ‘May he rest in peace’.

The AGM of the Colbert Hall took place on Wednesday night last. Dooley & Co (Auditors) gave a low down on the financial state of our hall year 2017 and stated that it was in “a healthy position”. And that the continuous holding of events – e.g. Parties, bingo, matches, meetings, plays etc were vital for the upkeep of the hall, so we should use it as much as possible. The following are those elected on the night; Directors: Helen Twomey, John Redmond, Patricia Phillips, Helen O’Connor, Sharon Reidy. Secretary: Caroline O’Connell. Auditors: Dooley & Co., Newcastle West. Other Committee members: Damien Ahern, Raymond Enright, John Joe Tierney, Kathleen Mullane, John Scanlon.