By Peg Prendeville

It was sad to hear that Paddy Dalton of Clounleharde has died. Sincere sympathies to his wife Maura and all his family. Both Maura and Paddy were and are very well liked in the community and were devoted to each
other. They often visited the Knockdown Arms down through the years and loved the Irish nights.
Sympathies too to the family of Dan Hanrahan of Lr Dirreen who died last week also.
Music lessons for children commenced in Ballyhahill Parish Hall last Friday evening at 5.30pm. It is nice to see the young generation anxious to learn how to play tin whistles, fiddles and bodhráns. A stage school will be organised if enough interest is shown so please spread the word. Marie Scanlon 0872391004.
I finally got to see “Pretend Sick” in Athea last Saturday night. It was a packed house – some people were even turned away. It was a great night with lots of laughs which is what we all need in these times. Theresa O’Halloran stole the show but well done to all involved. It was great fun. I admire their dedication and commitment and enthusiasm.
We are all waiting to see how fierce the Beast from the East will be. We are frightened by Met Eireann’s warnings but hopefully it will not be as disastrous as it is forecast. We survived 2010 so we will get over this too.  The following is an extract of a poem I wrote at the time

“Then in New Year of 2010
We got more of the same
There was a heavy snowfall on January10
We sought someone to blame.
The Minister for Transport was away
In sunny Malta, we were told
The planes and buses came to a stop
And all the schools were closed.

It was the week of snowmen
They grew up everywhere
Even in towns and cities
Where snow is usually rare.
There were floods and water shortage
Yes, both at the same time!
The country ran out of salt and grit
And warning bells did chime.”
Stay warm and indoors if possible. In this area of the country most of us have reasonably comfortable houses thank God but we must be on the lookout for others who may not be as fortunate. The temperatures are rising again at the weekend so it will not last long this time hopefully.
Buses are leaving West Limerick on Saturday March 10th to go to the Rally for Life in Dublin. For further information or to book a seat contact John on 0871127477