By Peg Prendeville

If anyone is interested in Stage school, Singing, Speech & Drama, Keyboard and other instruments please go along to an information evening on this Friday 16th February @ 8pm in the Parish Hall, Ballyhahill. The next Hall meeting is on Tuesday Feb 20th at 8pm.and new members are invited.

The ICA guild will meet on this Wednesday 14th at 8pm in the Parish Hall. The theme of the competition is “Something Old”.

Belated Happy Birthday greetings to Kitty Normile, Knockdown who enjoyed her 84th birthday with her family on February 4th.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all on this Wednesday. Pope Francis has new ideas on how to celebrate St Valentine’s Day. These include: a technology-free evening; time for prayer together as a couple, go for a walk together; a special dinner at home, loads of hugs; and a journey down memory lane where the couple takes time to remember how they met and have grown together. These are lovely ideas and we do not have to break our fast if we do not want to! Enjoy the day and tell your loved ones that you love them.

It was with shock that we heard of the sudden death of Mossie Higgins on Saturday last. Glasha will miss one of its most gentle men. Mossie always had a smile for anyone he met and was quite content in his home in Glasha where he was reared. He loved to talk to the people going up to the bog behind his house and in earlier years was always on hand to help fill a load of turf as he conversed. Sympathies to his brothers Willie, Pa, Jack and Jim and their extended families. May he rest in peace.

Sincere sympathies also to the family of Ned O’Keeffe who, too, died at the weekend. Ned spent a while in Knockdown with the Killeaney AFC who is very sorry to hear of his passing. I wrote the following poem in 2001 which explains his great contribution to the club.

Tribute to Ned O’Keeffe

Come all you friends and neighbours, a story I’ll tell you

About a man called Ned O’Keeffe, great credit he is due

He’s famed for engineering the longest wall you’ve ever seen

If you come to the Knockdown Arms you’ll know just what I mean.

It all began 2 years ago in March of ninety-nine

When Killeaney Club decided more space they had to find

“We want another pitch” they said “ and a Dressing room, of course

We must find a man to do this work. He will be hard to source.”


Ah, but they hadn’t reckoned on this strong man from Athea

Who pulled his shirtsleeves up with glee and eagerly did say

“Just get the blocks and mortar and a few men to tend to me

You’ll have the best facilities and the finest wall you’ll ever see!”

No sooner was the contract made than work got underway

25,000 blocks were laid as they worked hard every day

Each pier was built up carefully – there are 46 in all

There is no doubt about it, this wall just cannot fall.

But now we come to the sad part for Ned he has to go

He will be missed by all of those whom he had got to know

He put the younger men to shame with his energy and zeal

And life was very easy with Ned at the steering wheel.

So on this night we gather here to mark this powerful feat

Killeaney club is satisfied that this man cannot be beat

They wish him every happiness, good luck and all the rest.

The wall is his certificate to prove he passed the test.

So if you want a job well done, come get to know this man

You’ll find there’s no-one better; he is our No. 1

Then all your problems will be gone and you’ll have great relief

Knowing  the task is in the hands of the famous Ned O’Keeffe.

Peg Prendeville – 29/03/2001