By Kathleen Mullane

“ Another year – another start,

A time of ‘HOPE’ for every heart,

A time to leave the past behind,

And share a newfound peace of mind.

Then going forward day by day,

Find ‘LOVE’ and ‘JOY’ along life’s way.

Have a good New Year.

May your problems be little ones

May you always have walls for the winds

A roof for the rain

Tea beside the fire

Laughter to cheer you, those you love near you

And all your heart might desire.


“Long and Happy Days to All”. 

Listening to one of the ‘ALONE’ volunteers recently – they said a lot of the cause of some diseases is ‘Loneliness’, more especially during the winter months and the long dark nights. So if you have a friend or neighbour who is on their own you might pop in to see them or give them a call at night to reassure them and make them feel “wanted”.

I also think – we must warn our young people that loud music and earphones have been recognized as one of the leading causes of DEMENTIA. The reason being that one side of the brain is being overused trying to hear the loud music, while the other side is ‘dying slowly’ causing Dementia down the line – so BEWARE!

Envelopes are now available at the church doors for Carol – our sacristan’s collection, on 3rd/4th February. So pick one up and support Carol who gives generously of her time and help

Well, wasn’t evening mass on Saturday evening last so ‘Alive’. The choir from Athea NS led by Anne Marie Horgan, teacher, Tara, Tommy and Margaret Carroll really did themselves proud and well deserved the applause they got and the thanks from Fr. Duggan.

A fund-raising concert (under the leadership of Domhnall de Barra) will take place on March 18th here in the church. The money raised will go towards sending an invalid or more to Lourdes in June on the Limerick pilgrimage. Having been there last year I would urge anyone who hasn’t been, to go with the group – it’s unbelievable and the youth helpers really make such friends and do such great work while they are volunteering.

Thankfully we are living in a fairly neighbourly country – when you see the awful news in California where the young family of 13 children had been shackled, tied up, not fed or washed by their parents.

We might say when you live in a small community everyone knows what everyone is doing . But is this not better than not knowing what’s happening in your neighbourhood.

Sincere congrats to the team members (and coach Ciara O’Connor) of Tarbert Comprehensive Basketball team who, on Sunday last, travelled to Carlow. The girls on Saturday were narrowly defeated in the All Ireland quarter-finals.

The boys, on Sunday, did extremely well and are now into the All Ireland semi-final on Feb 9th in Tallaght. Some of the team players are members of the Athea Vixens Basketball Club. Congrats to them all and we wish them well in the All Ireland.