Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin

Joe Aherne  would like to express sincere thanks to everyone who supported him in raising funds for Crumlin Children’s Hospital. He would like to thank the sponsors, Athea Credit Union, Listowel Credit Union, Athea Vintage Club, Knockdown Vintage Club, Ballygowan Water, Tesco NewcastleWest, SuperValu Newcastlewest, SuperValu Listowel, Kearney’s Home Baking, Treaty Plant Hire, General Hardware, Limerick 95FM and West Limerick 102FM.

To those who helped with transport, made signs and posters. Thanks to all those who obtained sponsorship cards, to DB Printing and the local papers. Thank you to Con Colbert Hall committee for the use of the hall facilities and those who provided and helped with food and refreshments. Thanks to the Gardaí in  NewcastleWest and Listowel and to all the stewards on the day. Thank you to the walkers who supported him on the day, those who helped with the bucket collections and most especially to those who gave so generously. The total amount raised was €13,520.

 Athea Tidy Towns

Here is a sneak peak of the defibrillator  telephone box which arrived on Colbert Street, Athea on Thursday last. We are now seeking sponsorship from the community towards the defibrillator telephone box. In exchange for sponsorship, a plaque of acknowledgement will be erected. Sponsorship can be made by an individual, family, business or indeed in memory of a loved one. If interested please contact any member of the committee.  Thanks to those who have supported the project to date ; Brigid O’ Brien & Family USA, Siobhan Barrett & Family, Athea and our local councillors Foley, Galvin, Sheahan & Browne.

The box will be launched in Athea in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the date.


A large crowd attended last Thursday night for CFRs 9th AGM.  All sitting officers were re-elected.  Medical Director – Dr. Kieran Murphy; Training Adviser – Rodge Byrne; Chairperson – Paudie Quille; Secretary – Mary Sheahan;   Treasurer – Eilish Geoghegan; Quarter Master – Pat I Mulvihill.   The group would like to thank the following.   Dr. Kieran Murphy for his continued leadership, advice and attending all our meetings.    Fr. Brendan Duggan for attending and offering his support.  Denise O’Riordan for presenting us with a new defibrillator on behalf of Bank of Ireland.  Damien Ahern of the Tidy Towns who gave us a detailed account of the progress of the construction of the defibrillator phone box.

Under the guidance of Rodge Byrne, the group purchased a Brayden Manikin this year.  This has proven very useful for training, as the manikin will only illuminate, if a person is doing CPR properly (correct hand position, speed & depth).  The group are always looking for new members.   Rodge will giving a PHECC accredited CPR / AED course in Abbeyfeale in ADSAR centre on Wednesday 27th September from 6-10pm. The cost of this course is normally €65, but any Athea person doing the course will only have to pay €35 as the group will cover the rest of the cost.  If a person joins the CFRs, the €35 will be reimbursed after a year – enquiries to Paudie on 087 9957611.

Bridie Broderick, nee Moran (Clash, Athea), with friends and family in Listowel last week.
L-R: Helen Woulfe, Nora Broderick, Bridie, Eileen Woulfe, Mary Woulfe, Joan Lane and Billy Broderick

Learn to Dance

At the Top of the Town:

Classes resume on Monday, September 25th from 8.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Learn to set-dance, waltz, quick-step, jive, fox-trot and more.

Railway Bar, Abbeyfeale:

Starts on Tuesday, 26th September from 8.30pm to 10.30pm for waltzing, quick-step, jive and fox-trot.

GAA Club, Abbeyfeale:

Resumes on Wednesday, 27th September for improvers – set-dancing and new sets also taught. 8.40pm to 10.30pm. All are very welcome

They Are Back

Domhnall de Barra 

The summer break for the politicians is over and we have the prospect of another circus for the remainder of the life of this government. I say circus because if you didn’t laugh at what goes on, you would have to cry. The government will propose motions that the opposition will oppose even though if they were in power they would probably be going down the same road.  It is all about getting elected and getting enough deputies to give your party power and nothing will stand in the way of that. Maybe some of them have the good of the country and its citizens at heart but they will not jeopardise their positions if an unpopular bill is likely to cost them votes. That is the way things are. All the other parties say they will not have anything to do with Sinn Féin in forming a coalition but they want them to be part of the power sharing executive in the North. The day is coming when they are going to have to deal with Sinn Féin, whether they like it or not, and when push comes to shove, noble principles will be sacrificed to the greed for power. The same could be said about Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael. There are no great differences between the ideologies and policies of both parties but they shudder when a grand coalition is mentioned. Maybe they will have to if the left continue to gain support. The country needs strong government at the moment; a government that is not afraid to take the tough decisions necessary if we are ever going to deal with all the issues such as homelessness, health service etc. The way things stand at the moment, the government have no chance of doing what is needed because they are depending on people with vested interests to back them. One of the first things they will do when the Dáil sits is to sign off on the bill to return money to those who paid their water bills. This is crazy. They should have put that money to good use and gone after those who did not pay instead. I am one of those foolish people who actually did pay my water bill. I did it, not because I liked the idea but, it was the law of the land and I believe in democracy. Protest is a right for people to show those in power what they think and to try and influence decisions but what happened at the water protests went far beyond what is acceptable. The fact that the government caved in to them  will only encourage more protest by people spurred on by anarchists whose only aim is to topple the government and bring in some form of communism. A communist was once described by somebody as a person who has nothing but wants to share it with everyone else. It has failed all over the world and those who espouse the ideals of Marx and Lenin are living in cloud cuckoo land. Our water system is in a bad state. Pipes are springing leaks all over the place and many households have to boil their water before use. The government can’t afford to foot the bill for the renovation of the water system in Ireland but at the same time they can afford to return money that was paid, according to the law, by honest citizens. It beggars belief. The money is gone and I, for one, would gladly leave it where it is to help, even in a small way, to improve the water for all. I know this view will not find favour with many people but it is how I feel and I don’t expect everyone to agree with me. Paying bills is not popular but they are necessary if our way of life is to continue. Those of us living in the country always paid for our water and continue to do so.  My old school master, Jim Kelly in St. Ita’s in Abbeyfeale used to say “there is nothing free –  somebody has to pay”. This is true but there are many in this country who don’t care who pays, as long as it is not them!.  The budget is coming up and already we have all the lobby groups fighting for their own interests. This is not a time for giveaways or token gestures. The ship is just about afloat and heading in the right direction. If there is any leeway I hope that the politicians use it to help those in most need, regardless of who they vote for. We live in hope.