Peg Prendeville

We had summer for the past two days with blue skies, warm – even hot – temperatures and a gentle breeze. What a pleasure it was to be able to spend time at the beach without dodging showers, taking shelter from the gales or having to put on extra clothes to keep warm. Hopefully we will have more days like this before summer is officially over.

It was great last weekend to meet up with my former neighbours the Shanahan boys at the wedding of Patrick to Siobhan Brosnan from Ballybunion. We wish them a happy future together. The wedding provided an opportunity to reminisce on the similar circumstances of our lives. In 1972 Mary Shanahan died, at a young age, leaving her husband Jimmy a widower with six young boys from eight years down to six months. Just ten years previously in 1962 Paddy Faley, next door to Shanahans, was left a widower with five young girls. Credit is due to both these men as time has proved that both families of children succeeded in life and are happy in their present roles. We Faley girls, being somewhat older than the boys, used to love helping Mary Shanahan with the young children and so last weekend was a time of exchanging memories and stories. The Shanahans boys are all very successful in life; John married Carmel Purtil and lives in Barneigue; Michael married Christine and lives in Dorky in Surrey, UK; James is a professor living in San Francisco; Tim married Ann Sweeney and lives in Robertstown, Patrick just got married to Siobhan and Thomas, the youngest, who was reared by his Aunt Margaret is married to Eilis O’Connor and lives in Croom. The boys, now men, are eternally grateful to their Aunt Margaret for always being there for them and it was touching to hear them thank all the Clounleharde neighbours for supporting them in their early years also.

Killeaney AFC held the AGM last week. All officers remain in position for another year.

The Knockdown Shop had an anniversary last week on the 14th. It is six years since it reopened having been closed for twelve months in 2010/2011. We all hope it continues to serve the community and that the community will continue to support it. It works both ways.