By Peg Prendeville

Congratulations to Paudie Langan who was the winner of the Moyvane Lotto last week. There is definitely a stroke of luck along the Glasha Kerryline

Tournafulla & District Vintage club asked me to remind you of their Charity vintage Run & Family Fun Day on July 23rd. Vintage run starting at 11am. Family fun day starting at 2pm in the Tournafulla Gaa grounds. Entertainment for children & adults

all day. Supporting local charities

I told you last week that we  got a new post-box in Knockdown. The story of the post-box goes back to 1995/96 when it was located at the entrance to Joe White’s house. Nobody is sure why it was put there in the 1st place, maybe because there used to be a creamery across the road – not Crough Creamery. Anyway back in 1995 it was moved up to the cross in Knockdown in to a most awkward spot on the ditch. I wrote to An Post asking them to move the box over to Mullane’s shop as I had to put on my wellies to reach it and it was dangerous at the cross.  In order to get attention I exaggerated the story a bit and promised that if it was relocated I would thank the Post Office Official – Tom McElligott – with a yellow ribbon. Imagine my delight and surprise when I received the letter below to which I replied as per photo below.

Time moved on but the little box, which had been relocated, was so small it was difficult to fit even a small envelope into it and was becoming useless. Even the postman/woman found it a nuisance. So another letter or two in recent months plus a few coaxing words from Ta did the trick. We’ve got our Post-box!

So now we are rejoicing

We’ve no more need for frowns

We  can post our letters now in peace

In our  new post-box in Knockdown.

It has a bigger mouth, you see

And can easily swallow down

A4 business envelopes

This new post-box in Knockdown 

Birthday cards? No problem!

And when Valentine comes round

It will be overflowing

Our  new post-box in Knockdown.

To make the task more easy

Mullanes have won renoun

With their selection of greeting cards

Which can be posted in Knockdown.

“Can we get stamps” I hear you asking

Now, you  I will astound

When I tell you they’re available

In the supermarket in Knockdown.

So now we are all happy

Like a king with a new crown.

We’re queuing up to post our letters

In the post-box in Knockdown.