By Kathleen Mullane

‘Out and About’ 

Sincere sympathy is extended to Micheál Brosnan, Upper Athea and his family, Helen, Mary, Tom, Michael, David and John on the death of Eileen last week after being ill for some time. Many came to pay their final respects on Thursday evening last here in the church. A concelebrated requiem mass on Friday was followed by burial in Holy Cross. ‘May the light of heaven shine down on her kind soul’. A minute’s silence was held at the GAA Intermediate game in Ballyagran on Friday night last between Athea and Cappamore in her memory.

The month’s mind mass for the late Ellen O’Keeffe (mother of Kay Liston, Upper Athea) will be on Wednesday morning May 3rd at 9.30am followed by burial of her ashes in Holy Cross cemetery.

The month’s mind mass for the late Tom Ahern, Knockfinisk will be on this Friday, May 5th at 7.30pm.

The 1st Communion for the Athea N.S. children will be on Saturday, May 13th at 11am. They have now completed their ‘Do this in Memory’ preparation course 

Well this week we are into May and the forecast is said to get up to the 17° – 18° in our area – there is a lot of turf cut already, slurry spread and with the great drying we have had over the past week or so it will make work a whole lot easier especially for the farmers.

Well one day your read such a food or drink is good for you – the next day you may hear the same food or drink is very bad for you.

I read recently that even ‘one’ can of fizzy drink a week can end up with a person getting diabetes.

I just came across the following list of ‘Healthy Eating’ which may be of use to some people and readers.

Apples: Fresh or cooked help lower cholesterol and balance blood sugars.

Broccoli: Helps protect bones, joints, eyes, skin and hair, great for ‘ageing’ people.

Dark Chocolate: Good for the brain, nervous system and heart.

Eggs: Excellent for digestion and the heart and eyesight.

Garlic: Protects against heart disease and improves blood circulation.

Kale: ‘Great for you’ – lowers cholesterol, good for skin, hair and liver function.

Lemons: Guards against osteoarthritis.

Oats: Are known as “the grain for the brain”.

Oily Fish: Most important – boosts brain function.

Yogurt: Unsweetened lowers risk of type 2 diabetes.

Olive Oil: Take a spoon or two a day, lowers cholesterol and controls blood pressure.