Athea Concert for the Invalid Fund for Lourdes
The Boys and Girls of Athea National School, taking part in the Athea Concert for the Invalid Fund for Lourdes in Athea Church.
Picture Brendan Gleeson

Athea Concert for the Invalid Fund for Lourdes
Jamie Colins, Timmy O’Keeffe, Tomas Aherne an Ciaran Hunt, entertaining the crowd at Athea Concert for the Invalid Fund for Lourdes.
Picture Brendan Gleeson


Athea Concert for the Invalid Fund for Lourdes
Margaret Watters and Fr Brendan Duggan, attending the Athea Concert for the Invalid Fund for Lourdes.
Picture Brendan Gleeson

Athea Concert for the Invalid Fund for Lourdes
Dawn Quaid and Amina Bhayat, attending Athea Concert for the Invalid Fund for Lourdes.
Picture Brendan Gleeson

The Athea Drama Group Mexicans, Donald Trump and the Wall Contractors taking part in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Abbeyfeale

Rosie Corcoran and Christine Jackson ( nee Herbert ) had the privilege of meeting the Lord Mayor of Limerick, Kieran O’Hanlon, in New York. Christine is the daughter of Sean Herbert from Clash in Athea. She and her father visit the village every year. We were flying the Limerick flag with pride.

Coffee Morning

A Coffee morning in aid of the Lourdes Invalid Fund will take place in the Con Colbert Hall today, Wednesday 22nd March from 9am to 1pm. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Athea Bingo

The takings from this Friday night’s Bingo will be donated to the Lourdes Invalid Fund. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

Church Gate Collection

In aid of Crumlin Hospital on Saturday 25th/Sunday 26th March at all masses. Your support would be appreciated.

Athea Vixens Basketball Club

Athea Vixens are holding a grand Table Quiz at The Knockdown Arms on this Friday night, March 24th starting at approximately 8pm. As we all know the teams of all ages, which comprise of boys and girls from Athea. Ballyhahill, Tarbert, Knockdown and Moyvane, do extremely well throughout their competitions each year. You are asked to come along and support Trish and the teams in their fundraising efforts and who knows you might win a spot prize.

Athea Community Games

Well done to all those who travelled down to Foynes to take part in the Limerick Community  games finals last Wednesday evening. In the U11 girls competition, Clodagh Ahern took gold for Athea with a fine performance on the floor and beam, while Emma Vaughan also did herself proud with a great a great floor and vault routine.

Next was the U13 girls where Sarah Morrisey shone through to take gold with another fine performance on the floor and vault. Aoibhinn Morrisey rounded off the evening with gold in the U15 girls floor and vault.

It was a fantastic evening for Athea, and well done to all the girls, with Clodagh, Sarah and Aoibhinn now going on to represent Athea and Limerick in the National finals to be held at the National Gymnastics Arena in Blanchardstown in Dublin on the 6th May. Best of luck girls.

Double Standards

Last week saw our politicians jet off to foreign lands for the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. They say it is a good opportunity to entice foreign firms to set up in Ireland. This is especially true of the American trip when the Taoiseach met Donald Trump at the White House to present him with the traditional bowl of Shamrock. This presentation of shamrock does not sit well with me. There is a touch of the “Plastic Paddy” about it that would have more to do with Darby O’Gill than the modern state we like to think we are. Everybody smiles and the cameras click and then  the Americans forget all about it and go back to more important matters. How much influence do we really think we have?  Do we imagine that, because we are Irish and great craic, American companies will decide to come here and set up shop? Of course not. Decisions are made purely on a business basis. Our main attraction is our low (or nonexistent) corporate tax rate. We are told that we have a well educated work force and that is a factor but so does every other modern country. The reason companies set up overseas is simple – to make more money. There is no sentiment in business. They are not in the Far East out of love for the Asians and if they could find a place that had no tax and slavery, they would set up there.

Maybe I am being a bit harsh but the idea that we are somehow a special case just is not true. This is evident in the aftermath of the White House meeting where Enda Kenny made a passionate speech on behalf of the undocumented Irish in the states. The following day, a statement was issued by the authorities saying there would be no special deal for the Irish. Why do we expect special treatment. The fact is that our Irish brothers and sisters are there illegally and are subject to the same laws as everyone else. Every country has the right, and indeed the obligation, to control immigration just as we do. I will go so far as to say it is hypocritical in the extreme for our politicians to plead with America on behalf of our own while we, here at home, deport people every day. People coming to this country to try and make a better life for themselves are not very well treated. They are not allowed to work while their applications are processed and are housed in very basic accommodation. This can, and does, go on for many years. Some are there so long that their children have grown up and are ready for secondary education.  They are in Ireland for the same reason that the Irish are in the USA but we are not going to make a “special” deal for any of them are we?  Even refugees who are running away from war zones are not universally welcomed here.

I have often heard the comment that we should “look after our own first” before we help anyone from outside. Isn’t this exactly what Donald Trump is saying?  I believe that the Irish, and every other foreign national, who is working in America and contributing to the country, should be given work permits. Then they could travel outside the country and return without fear. It is true for Enda Kenny, the Irish have made a huge contribution to wherever they have settled in the world and can still do so, given the opportunity.  It should be allowed because it makes common sense, not because we are somehow a special case. We should also do the same for our immigrants and forget the double standards.

Thank You

A special thank you to all who took part in the concert in the Church on Sunday night last. It was a historic occasion as it was the first time the  Church was used for such a function. It was arranged to collect funds to send invalids and helpers to Lourdes and the response from the public was fantastic.

There was a variety of entertainment on stage from the very young pupils of Athea N.S. to old fogies like myself with music, songs, dances and stories.  It showcased the vast array of talent we have in the locality and a good night was had by all. A special thank you to all those who donated raffle prizes and made donations and the workers who turned out on Sunday to help with last minute preparations.

I know there are those amongst us who think that the Chapel should be reserved for religious ceremonies only. I disagree. God gave certain people talents. In my case it was the gift of music and I am grateful to Him for that. Where better to express that gratitude than by sharing it with His people in His own house, especially for a good cause. We are all the better for a little entertainment now and again and I hope this concert is the first of many. 

Domhnall de Barra


Dedicated followers of fashion will be in for a real treat in April as the Athea Tidy Towns Group hosts another fundraising fashion show to aid of vital work in the village. A highlight of the social calendar in Athea in previous years, this year’s show has been set for Wednesday, April 12th at 8pm, with the Con Colbert Hall once again providing the perfect setting for the event. The show itself will showcase the latest trends (Men’s, Women’s and Children’s ) from all the top boutiques from West Limerick and North Kerry, and will be preceded by a cheese and wine reception. Judges will also be on the lookout for the best dressed lady on the night, with some lovely prizes up for grabs.
Tickets will be on sale at Brouder’s Shop and Collins’ Shop, Athea and are priced at just €10. For further information contact 087 9042477