By Peg Prendeville

There was a great buzz and a full house in Knockdown last Friday night for the Table quiz organised by the Ballyhahill School Parents’ Association. Advertised for 9pm sharp it was great to see everybody set up by 9.15 and things got going  in earnest by 9.30 pm. I acted as quizmaster for the night and, as the committee members had everything set up so that the show would run efficiently, it did. The members wish to express their thanks to everybody and really appreciate the support; they were especially glad to see so many parish groups represented: Ballyhahill Development, Knockdown Vintage, ICA, Loughill Development and Abha Bhán Parish Park as well as the soccer and football groups, pupils, parents, friends and neighbours. Unfortunately, it being mid-term the principal Mary Moore had already plans made and could not attend and so Mrs Hartnett represented the school staff. Congratulations to the GI Joes from Loughill who were the winners and who, graciously, handed back their winnings to go into the fund which totalled over 700 on the night. Many raffle prizes were won and, again, the committee wish to sincerely thank all those who sponsored prizes for the occasion.

Killeaney AFC is busy organising the annual social, usually held at Christmas, but this year it is on the 25th March in the Knockdown Arms.

Meanwhile the Knockdown Vintage committee is organising a “Run” on Sunday 2nd April so there are exciting days coming up to shorten Lent for us.

The year is flying by and this Wednesday is ASH Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. Blessing and distribution of Ashes will take place during Mass at 9 am in Ballyhahill and in Loughill at 6pm. Mind you Lent is very different to what it was when I was growing up. Many people took the Lenten fast seriously whereas now not many people know about fasting at all. A little bit of fasting does nobody any harm and more than likely does us good so we should not throw the baby out with the bathwater. I often wondered how that phrase came to be and, on researching, found there are a few explanations, one being as follows: the phrase originates from a time when the whole household shared the same bath water. (I remember that too!)  The head of household would bathe first, then the woman, then the children, followed lastly by the baby. The water would be so black from dirt that a baby could be accidentally “tossed out with the bathwater”.