By Peg Prendeville

It was lovely to see the Athea journal on the shelves last week; it is full of interesting articles and will make lovely Christmas reading. Well done to Domhnall and Lillian on the production.

A lovely part of these pre-Christmas days are the childrens’ plays produced in many schools. It is great to watch the little children get so involved in the drama of nativity plays and musicals etc.  The teachers in the schools put in so much work in the preparation of these events that it would be unmannerly not to thank them for their efforts, so well done to all.

I cannot think of Christmas without thinking of my aunt Mary Falahee so I want to honour her memory with the following poem.

Memories of Aunty Mary

Driving past Knocknagorna cross brings pleasant memories

Of when we were just little girls going to visit Falahees

There we would spend a week each year with lovely Auntie Mary

Who was always nice and pleasant even when we were quite contrary.


It would start off on a Sunday morn when we’d see her in the church

If she wasn’t in her usual seat, for her our eyes would search

And then she’d smile across at us as she prayed on her rosary beads

We knew then that the world was good and she’d tend to all our needs.

To lie in bed each morning listening to the kitchen noises

Of Auntie Mary baking bread and hearing other voices

Of Peter and Tommy Danaher or Johnny Moran from next door

It was so soothing to our ears and made us wish for more.

Her humour was always good until she took out the sewing machine

For then she could get cranky so we were never keen

To see her with material to make pinafores for all of us.

Even though we loved the finished garments we didn’t like the fuss.


She became our second mother when our own Mam died too soon

We were so grateful to her as she helped dispel the gloom

Now as Christmas time approaches we think of her with love

She holds a place within our hearts as warm as a glove.


Wishing all readers, fellow correspondents and Domhnall and Lillian and all your families a very Happy Christmas and an exciting and safe New Year in 2017. Shhhh, are those sleighbells I am hearing?