By Kathleen Mullane

‘Out & About’ 

As I write these few lines on this Sunday night, I realise its all going to be over tonight 6 weeks time – that’s Christmas Day I’m talking about! But you know what it will come and it will go – and like every year we will wonder what all the fuss was about! Well I’ve done the 1st three steps of preparation! The Christmas cakes are made for the last few weeks, my shoebox has gone off to some needy child and my few bits have gone in to the Journal – hopefully all the clubs etc have?. It’s with everyone’s help that the journal successfully continues year to year and is a wonderful keepsake to look back on in years to come and indeed is a nice gift at Christmas to send to our parishioners away from home.

It was sad to hear of the unexpected death of Tony Cooper of Coole West, the news filtering through this Sunday morning, Tony having been killed in a tragic accident. He was predeceased not too long ago by his mother firstly and then his dad. We remember him and offer sympathy to his relatives. ‘May the light of heaven be his’.

Well today, Monday, as I get back to finishing my few lines, it has been an unusually warm day for this time of year 14° I’m informed. And we are awaiting the ‘super-sized’ moon tonight, larger by 15% and it will be another 20 years before the next one – no doubt we won’t be around for the next one – (I mean some of us!).

Another great crowd attended the November remembrance mass at Templeathea cemetery on Sunday afternoon last. Again well done to the organizers and all those who helped Fr. Duggan to prepare for the outdoor mass.

Well the GAA Lip Sync battle tickets for the fundraiser on February 4th at the Devon Inn will be on sale in advance of Christmas. Now if you’re looking for an ideal present to give a family member or friend a ticket is just the thing. And you are advised to buy your tickets early as no doubt they will go “like hot buns” and also numbers will be limited. Rehearsals are ongoing.

“Did you know” – that a top Italian surgeon will be doing the first “head transplant” in 2017

“Did you know” – that US scientists have injected ‘young blood’ into mice to make them younger – the next trials are going to be on humans!