By Peg Prendeville

Seven months of the year gone already and apart from a few lovely days here and there we have had no stretch of summer days. Same old story every year. Still we are lucky to be living where we are, in relative peace, compared to many places in the world at this time.

There is very little happening in the area so I include a little poem to cheer up your hearts. Remember Lucy, my grandchild, who was born with spina bifida and was told she would not be able to walk as she was paralysed from the waist down. For a long time she was very immobile but, through private physiotherapy in First Step Therapy in Patrickswell, Lucy has good news for us as follows:

“Dear Mammy, I’ve something to tell you

And I know you’ll be filled with delight

When you hear that I took a few steps today

With my walking frame to keep me upright. 

Yes, I know it has taken me such a long time

For now I am three and a bit

But you know the obstacles I overcame

To get me up on my feet. 

Remember all the drives to the physio

You used to sing all the while

And I did my best to lift up my legs

While you coaxed me on with a smile.

At first I could do nothing at all

But Bart was so patient with me

And little by little I could move a bit

While he counted one, two and three. 

Oh sometimes I was sick of it all

And maybe a bit of a coward

But Nana and you dried up my tears

As you hoped I would get my reward. 

I know I’ll not be an athlete

But who knows? Maybe I will!

And maybe I’ll walk up the aisle one day

And give you all such a big thrill. 

So goodnight now Mammy and thank you

For your part in helping me walk

I’m so blessed with all of my talents

I can laugh, I can sing, I can talk.”