By Peg Prendeville

I am just home from the Easter Vigil Mass as I write these notes on Saturday night and cannot help pondering on the wonders of Easter and light in the darkness and the new life of spring time. It is no co-incidence that Easter and the Resurrection is celebrated when the earth is coming alive after a dark cold winter and once again we are surrounded by hope and new life. This is so much needed in today’s world and especially the past week with the Buncrana and Brussels tragedies – both so different but both so heartbreaking. We need words of hope to keep us going. The Good Friday Stations of the Cross were celebrated outdoors in Ballyhahill. It was dry but rather windy so Fr McNamara kept it close to the church using the car park and the surrounds of the church to “walk with Jesus.” Parishioners took turns at being “Simon” and carrying the 7 ½ foot high homemade wooden cross. It proved to be a very meaningful ceremony and appreciated by all who attended. Then the Saturday night’s ceremonies brought the light into the darkness with all the congregation holding lighted candles in the darkened Church. The lovely flower arrangements with lots and lots of daffodils brightened our hearts even more.

The whole country celebrated the Easter Rising in various different ways.  I am heading to Dublin to experience the atmosphere and will tell you all about it next week.