By Peg Prendeville

Christmas in Knockdown was busy with many of the younger generation coming home to visit. It was lovely to meet them all. Why not start 2016 with a poem?

When Christmas was all over and the feasting was all done

My body craved some exercise, my soul asked for some sun.

So despite the awful weather I put it to the test

And drove to Ballybunion; it really is the best.

The air was fresh and bracing but very welcome too

The powerful waves crashed to the shore and the sun came into view

It was the tonic that I needed and I enjoyed it all so much

It made me feel quite whole again, like a mother’s gentle touch.

I know we are so lucky to live high up on the land

The water stays outside the door and we need no bags of sand.

I pity the misfortunes whose homes are so destroyed;

I pray that soon the rain will stop and they’ll be warm and dry.

So as I walked Ballybunion cliffs I thought of one and all

And hope my prayers were listened to and the rain will cease to fall

I look forward to the year ahead and wish you all great peace

May good health and happiness come your way and all your worries cease.