By Peg Prendeville

A group of over 40 Killeaney supporters and fans travelled to Dublin last week for the Ireland v Germany match and could not have picked a better time to visit the Aviva. Naturally all came home ecstatic with the win.  The country is in the grip of rugby euphoria at the moment. It is not my passion but it is lovely to see so many people interested and excited about it all so we hope the winning streak continues. It is good that there is something exciting happening in the country to dilute the awful tragedies of families being burnt while they slept and a Gárda murdered in the line of duty whilst coming to the aid of a female in a domestic incident. So we welcome anything that keeps our spirits up. By the time you read this we will have had our Budget 2015, which promises to bring more smiles to our faces. We wait and see. The cynic in me wonders where all the money is going to come from since we have been told all along that it is not there.

The local guild of ICA will meet this Wednesday in the Hall at 8pm. We will enjoy listening to Peggy and Daisy telling us all about dancing in the 50’s. There is always a welcome for new members to join. Just come along and be part of the ICA family. There are only ten of us and we get along really well but we would like more.

Back in 1937/38 there was a folklore project done in many National Schools around the country where folklore and local history was recorded. I am delighted to tell you that all the written pieces can now be seen on the website . It is a treasure and delight to go into it, find your school from the map, see the name of the principal at that time and see the actual pieces that were written. I delved into Clounleharde, Ballyguiltenane and Glin and find stories and songs written by children who are now heading up to 90 years and more and who are still with us, but many have passed on also. Sadly in the Clounleharde school Master Barry took it upon himself to write it all so there are no local names but he  gives the surnames of all pupils attending at that time. I remarked on the lovely handwriting on many pieces in other schools but was informed that not all articles were written by the name of the composer. Only the best handwriters were allowed to write! Pity. There is something special about a person’s handwriting. It is also interesting to see the old gaelic written. I am sure none of the children today would have a clue how to read it and how would they? It is a lovely website, highly recommended. Bain taitneamh as!