By Peg Prendeville

It is hard to believe that Glin Library will be ten years old in September! All 16 children who are presently members of Glin Library, and who are also celebrating ten years this year, are invited to visit the library and celebrate with it on Friday September 11. Of course everybody else is welcome also. There may even be a few treats!

Happy retirement to Denis Culhane who celebrated with family and a large group of friends in Knockdown recently.

I have not the details but I hear that there will be a BBQ and fun and music in Knockdown Arms next Sunday from 3pm to raise money for the Simon Community. All support will be appreciated.

It is nearly Back to School time and parents are busy sorting uniforms and books for the children. Ballyhahill school will have 7 pupils starting this year including two of my own grandchildren. Proof that we are all getting old! It seems only the other day that I wrote the following when my own youngest started school. We wish them all happy schooldays.

Act of Love

Dressed in her navy and grey

I lead her to the school bus,

like the robin pushing her young

out of the nest.

Every muscle in me

strains to hold her back

and hug her to me

so that she may never lack

the comfort of knowing she is loved.

But a deeper knowledge whispers

“Let her go. Let her find herself.

I have given you the pleasure

of her first four years.

It was my special gift to you.

But she is my flower.

I will feed her

and she will blossom.

Give her to me and I will care for her

and you will have the reward

of knowing that you helped to plant

the seeds of her loveliness.

Like the seed she will endure darkness

before the light will draw her

so that her colours will ooze forth.

Then she will dance and sing in the sun

and she will fly back to you

on the wings of freedom.”

With tears ready to spill

I wave to my youngest child

as she begins her first day at school.