By Peg Prendeville

A little bit of local history: I was interested to hear my neighbour, Jack O’Grady, talking about the “Broken Bridges” recently. For those of you who do not know, the Broken Bridges are in the little road connecting the Clounleharde Ballyhahill road below Kenrick’s to “Mary Mairtín’s cross” on the Kearney’s Bakery road. The road was built shortly before 1807 (Recollections of our Native Valley – page 302). The present concrete bridge over the river Abha Bhán was built in 1925 – ninety years ago. Before that there were two timber bridges, one over the Abha Bhán and one over the Abha Dubh. Jack says his father used to tell him that the people then, including Jack’s father, used them as dancing platforms due to the timber structure. They obviously broke down necessitating the building of one concrete one but the name “Broken Bridges” remain to this day.

Congratulations to Bridie and Stephen Murphy, Glenastar, on becoming grandparents to little Eve Murphy recently – a daughter to Kevin and Edel Murphy.

Last May a group of our young people headed off from Shannon to the USA as J1 students eager for work and adventure. They included Niall Twomey and Jonathan Fitzgerald from Athea, Shauna Long and Sarah Prendeville from Knockdown and Michelle Foley from Glin together with four other friends. They are due home this weekend after a great summer. We will all be relieved to see them safely home. Some Irish parents of such students were not so lucky as you will remember from the tragedy in Berkeley last June. I could not resist putting some of their experiences into rhyme as follows.

Myrtle Beach 2015

From Limerick East and Limerick West

Tipperary and North Kerry

Came a bunch of eager students

Their moods were bright and merry.

They threw the dice upon the map

Then gave a mighty screech

When they saw where it had landed,

Smack bang on Myrtle Beach.

So they packed their bags and off they went

To have fun while working too

Nine Irish J1 students

Sure had a blast, tis true.

It wasn’t always easy going

With nine people in one room

Sometimes tension swelled the space

But they got the sweeping broom

And brushed out all the cobwebs

The anger and frustration

And then they laughed and had a beer

They’re a credit to their nation.

This happy group from Ireland

For freedom they did reach

They wanted fun and laughter

And got it all on Myrtle Beach.


And to add to the excitement

They thought Orlando would be fun

So they drove south to Florida

And let the laughter run.

And then on up to Washington

Niagara and New York

Sure we deserve a treat they said

After all that summer work.

But now 12 weeks are over

They are tired but quite elated

At all they did achieve this year

And all they celebrated.

But tis time for Mammy’s cooking

And clean fresh sheets in beds

They’ve had great fun but home is best

To rest their weary heads.