By Peg Prendeville

I have just returned from a two day break – staycation, I think it is called – in Killarney which is my favourite spot in the country. There is no limit to the different walks one can take within Muckross Park and there is always something else to see. That is if the sun is shining of course. But when the mist is covering the mountains and a wind blowing in off the lake it is a different matter! What a disappointment. But in spite of the weather the hotels and bars are busy with tourists who do not seem to mind what the weather is like. “We come because the people are friendly and we expect to get rain, so we are not disappointed,” they say. It is good that they have this attitude because otherwise we would all be abandoned this summer. Even the Croagh Patrick pilgrimage was cancelled for the first time last Sunday because of bad weather and I am sure the Foynes air show was affected also. Maybe it might pick up in August. We must keep hoping.

Here is a flashback to July 2005. Who remembers?

  1. Féile Peil na nÓg celebrations took place all round Limerick last weekend. Gerald Griffins hosted the Spanish group and two girls Maria Descehada and Ellne Peschoda from Barcelona were hosted by Thomas and Marcella O Grady, whose daughter Ciara was taking part. Even though no matches were won the club had a great weekend, what with the parade and disco and all the excitement a visiting team brings. Fr Tim welcomed them in Spanish at Mass on Sunday and Mary Moore and some of the school pupils helped the choir adding an extra touch to the ceremony. The pupils in Scoil Naomh Mhuire in Ballyhahill made a magnificent flag for the parade – so much work was put into it. It is a credit to the school.
  2. Gerald Griffins summer camp is lucky in the week they picked. The children are having a great, if hot, time under the sun from 10.30 to 2.30 learning football and hurling skills in the pitch every day. Lots of suncream being used these days. Isn’t it grand and we didn’t even have to buy an airline ticket?
  3. The Killeaney AFC wall was painted.