By Kathleen Mullane

‘What a Tragedy’

Well everyone, I’m sure, has been shocked by the terrible tragedy that occurred on Friday last in Sousse in Tunisia and with three Irish people blasted to death, along with many English – a total of 38 in all – it’s beyond belief. It could have been any beach that may have been targeted. We wonder what is going on in the world and in these young people’s heads to cause such terrible grief to so many families and ruin Tunisia’s tourism prospects, putting so many people’s jobs at risk also.

Then there was the lunatic again who beheaded his boss in France (on the same day as the Tunisian tragedy) “because of problems at home and at work”. Where is it going to end – one wonders!.

Thankfully we are living in a “hopefully” safe environment

To change to something ‘happier’ – Teresa O’Halloran’s drama group of children will have their show on this Saturday and Sunday night in the hall at 7pm. And as everyone knows Teresa is a ‘real dinger’ at the drama and no doubt the show will be a credit to her and the kids. Be there!

Well Athea was “the hive of activity” on Saturday morning last when there were so many ESB trucks and workers there erecting the new tall ESB poles, which will improve our street lighting immensely – again another “plus” for our village. Incidentally I was talking to Connie Brouder recently, of Tournafulla/Mountcollins, when they were doing the road here in Templeathea towards Glin he said “ye don’t know how lucky ye are in Athea” -saying there wasn’t even a shop now in Brosna, Tournafulla or Mountcollins – and we are extremely lucky I thought – a post office, a Credit Union, a doctor, a chemist, a community hall, a butcher’s, a vet, 2 shops, a garage, a printers, hairdressers, football pitch, soccer pitch – beautiful flowers erected by the Tidy Towns, a betting office and I must not forget the pubs. So in all we aren’t doing too badly – like other small villages bereft of conveniences and of course Friday mornings it’s nearly impossible to get parking with fish, eggs and cakes and buns of all descriptions on sale. Well done to all and well done ATHEA!

Well thanks to Helen Twomey up the road, she informed me you can get “cat formula milk” at the veterinary shop – which I did and my little kittens are surviving, it means 1-2 hourly feeds out of a little bottle, hot-water bottles throughout the day and mixing formula like new born babies! Thanks to my sister Patsy and her son Gerard for providing one surrogate mother.