By Peg Prendeville

I offer sympathies to Big Maggie on the death of her oldest daughter Sharon O’Sullivan last week. Sharon lived a lot of her life with the Brothers of Charity and was well cared for but will be very much missed by her adoring mother.

Many locals gathered in Knockdown last Sunday night to watch The Voice on big screen. Food was offered and the spirits were high as all waited for Laura Enright, Dromreask, to sing the song Bressie chose for her. Laura has a great talent, is very attractive and has a pleasant personality and so it was great to see her go through to the live shows. We are all proud of her and look forward to the live shows now. It must be daunting for her but I believe she is well capable. Laura, only 19 years old, is youngest daughter of Brenda and Jim, and is also a talented musician and poet. We wish her the best.

Ballyhahill N.S. is organising a clothing collection for this week. If you have any unwanted, clean clothes, shoes, bags, belts, bedlinen, curtains etc (of any quality), please drop to the school (9:15am – 3:00pm) any day up to this Friday the 13th. If you can’t drop them and would like them collected instead, please feel free to phone 087-7545748.

We are half way through Lent but it seems to be that Lent is almost a thing of the past in  comparison to how we knew it half a century ago when it was taken so seriously with lots of fasting and “giving up”. People do it differently now, if at all, by taking up charitable works etc. It is nice to see Lenten Altars in many churches as it serves to remind us of the season we are in.

And just as Lent changes so do many things. I was at a Humanist wedding last weekend. Another way of taking vows without the Church blessings that we grew up with. Interesting times!

The Going Strong Monthly Social will be held on 10th March in the Resource Centre, in Loughill at 2 p.m.  All are welcome.

A few weeks ago the Synod delegates in Loughill/Ballyhahill spoke about ongoing work with the Diocesan Synod. Now is the time to connect with all of you to find out what issues you would like to see on the agenda of the Synod in 2016. A questionnaire will be given out at Masses next week and parishioners are encouraged to give it some thought and return completed forms in two weeks. Each parish is approaching this in whatever way they think best so it is interesting to watch how the parishes work. “There is more than one way to skin a cat.”

With the recent break-in to the shop and pub in Knockdown it is the duty of us all to be vigilant and to report any suspicious behaviour wherever we see it. There are lots of opportunists out there plotting and planning where their next job will be done. Sad but true.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day next Tuesday.