By Peg Prendeville

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Well, it is certainly coming in like a lion so we hope to see the lamb at the end of the month. The experts say that the climate is changing and doing weird things but I remember March 1979 and not being able to go out on St Patrick’s Day due to a heavy snowfall. So it is not totally out of character to have snow in March.

Congratulations to Athea Drama group who have broken all records with their play. I admire the energy of the group who can keep putting on top class performances for the whole month of February and it is not over yet. Due to people being turned away again from the door last Sunday night it has been decided to perform the play for one final night this coming Thursday Night March 5th at Con Colbert Hall at 8pm. We wait to see if they will be allowed stop at that. Well done to all once again.

It was nice to see the Brennan Brothers in An Grianan, the ICA college, on last Sunday night. The college is open to anyone, male or female, member or non-member, to do weekly or weekend courses in the college. In fact it is open to weddings and gatherings of any kind. Situated beside the beach and a golf course just outside Termonfeckin, it is a beautiful place to take a break and learn a new skill also. It is a pity that more people do not avail of its facilities.

Loughill/Ballyhahill Parish is organising a mini Parish Mission on Thursday 21st May to Sunday the 24th. It is a good while since there was a mission in the parish so it is hoped that it will be supported and be beneficial to all who attend.

I include a little thought for the week this week. Neale Donald Walsch is an author who wrote Conversations with God. I recently came across this quotation from his latest book. It provides food for thought. “In science, no sooner do we make a discovery than we question it up one side and down the other. In medicine, no sooner do we find a cure than we question every assumption on which the cure is based. In technology, no sooner do we create a new and wondrous application than we question its value, putting it to the test, making it prove itself. In every one of these areas, the moment we decide that a conclusion we have reached is “right,” we question the Prior Assumption. Yet in the area of our beliefs, we do no such thing. Indeed, we do exactly the opposite. We say that to question the Prior Assumption is blasphemy, apostasy, heresy. The result is that we are moving deeply into the twenty-first century with the majority of us still devoted to and operating from ideas, beliefs, and conclusions about God from the first century—and before. If we did this in medicine, we’d be performing surgery today with a very sharp stone.” Too true!