By Peg Prendeville

It is nice to see the Ballyguiltenane Journals in the shops. There is a tinge of nostalgia about this one which contains some lovely tributes to the founders Thomas J O’Donoghue, Pat Brosnan and Paddy Faley who have all gone on to the next life and I feel the journal has gone with them but their names will not be forgotten for a long time.

Gerald Griffins Ladies football club is holding its AGM on Friday the 30th of January at 8pm in the Club house. All are welcome. If you are or know anyone interested in helping out in any small way you are invited to please attend. New officers and coaches are needed for the coming year.

Sunday February 8th has been designated as Synod Sunday for the parishes of the diocese. The clergy will shortly receive resource material for the Liturgy on this day – prayers, reflections, church banners etc. The day will serve to raise awareness in our parishes around the Synod and it will be an opportunity for each parish to formally introduce their delegates and also, parish delegates will speak at Masses to outline the next phase and its implications for parishes.

Sympathies to the Behan family on the death of John Behan, Kilteery last week. John was first cousin to Ta Mullane and Marian Cummane.

I include a poem I wrote some years ago when the children were younger. The little spats of snow we got lately reminded me of it. By the sound of the forecast we may have more snow by the time you read this.


              Fun in the Snow

 “Mammy, does God answer all prayers”

The child asked his mother one day

“Well he listens to all and does his best.”

“Goodee, cos for snow I’m going to pray.”

So he went on his knees and joined his hands

“Please God, if you’re not too busy tonight

Will you send down some snow – a heap of it, please

We all want a snowball fight.”

 And God as we know likes to please every child

And he answered the little boy’s plea.

The very next morning when the boy did awake

He clapped his hands with glee.

He stood at the window and called “Lads get up

The place is covered in white.

Thank you God for listening to me,

Now I know Mammy was right.”

 So on with the clothes, his boots and his gloves

Out to the virgin lawn.

Snowballs and missiles flew through the air

It was like a war in Glenbawn.

He made a snowman big and fat

With a carrot for a snout,

He buttoned his coat with pebbles

And put a pipe into his mouth.

 And all that day the snowman stood

And watched the fun and play

The sun shone down and, said the child,

“Oh no, I think he’s going away.

The snowman’s shrinking, he’s gone so small

I think my fun must end.”

That night in bed he joined his hands

“Thank you, God. You’re my best friend.”