By Kathleen Mullane

‘Bits & Bobs’

Tarbert Comprehensive School wishes to thank sincerely all those who gave so generously to the Church gate collection in aid of Concern (which is organised by the school each year). A total of €650 was collected and they also thank those who gave of their time to stand at the Church gate.

Congratulations and good wishes are extended to Hannah Mai and Jim Collins of Collins’ Nurseries, Upper Athea who recently celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary along with all their family at The Devon Inn Hotel. A great enjoyable night was had by everyone. Here’s to the next ten years and their ‘Golden Jubilee’!

Now that we are in the “post Christmas season” and January almost ¾ over already – things are quiet at the moment with the weather “as is the norm with us Irish” being the main topic of conversation!. Thankfully storm Rachel last week didn’t do any harm in our area and despite the roads being a bit slippery in places over the past few days – we’re really not doing too bad at all – nothing that an extra layer of clothing wouldn’t sort out.

Donegal’s postman Michael Gallagher, who is the nation’s “most famous amateur weatherman”, has predicted that our current cold snap could last until the end of February. He uses the behaviour of animals and birds to make his predictions, as they react to nature. However, it’s great to see the daffodils, crocus and first flowers of Spring peeping their heads through the frozen soil. Great to know ‘Spring’ is just around the corner.

Just came across an article with regard to New Year resolutions which states that they aren’t just for adults but “kids” of all ages.

Age 3-6: I will brush my teeth twice a day for 2 minutes.

I will eat three different coloured pieces of fruit and vegetables every day.

I will wash my hands often.

I will give away a toy I don’t need.

Age 6-12: I will count my blessings.

I will help my Mom and Dad around the house.

I will do my homework without being nagged.

I will find a new sporting activity.

I will cut down on TV etc.

I will fold my clothes and uniform, not throw them in a ball.

Over 13: I will learn to cook, clean and tidy.

I will talk to my family and have a laugh with them.

I will help to recycle

I won’t give in to peer pressure – like being forced to drink or smoke.

I will sit up straight (kids are often hunched over now from computers and games).

I wonder how many kids would stick to these resolutions!