Athea National School football team who played Monagea on Friday last with their coaches David O’Connor & John Hunt

Athea National School football team who played Monagea on Friday last with their coaches David O’Connor & John Hunt

Comhaltas A.G.M.

The A.G.M. of the Athea branch of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann will take place at the Top of the Town on Tuesday night next at 7.30pm. All members are asked to attend this very important meeting as the very existence of the branch is at stake.

Going Strong

There will be a meeting of the Going Strong group on Tuesday, October 28th at 8pm in the Top of the Town. The main item for discussion will be the Christmas Party which will take place in December. All members are asked to come along. We would particularly like to get some new helpers for the day.

Athea Parish Journal

It’s Journal time again and we are asking all subscribers to please send in their articles and photos as soon as possible as there is an earlier deadline of October 25th so that we can get the journal printed in good time for the Christmas post.

To date we have received very few contributions and the weeks are flying by.

We would also welcome new contributors. Articles & photos can be emailed to [email protected]

Trad for Trócaire

The wrenboys will be out and about in the village on the bank holiday Saturday night October 25th to entertain and to raise funds for Trócaire. Anyone who may not be in the village on Saturday night and wishes to make a donation can do so to Cairde Duchais at the office.

Limerick Diocesan Synod

An invitation is being made by Bishop Leahy of Limerick for 4 delegates from the parish to put forward their names with regard to the Limerick Diocesan Synod which will be held in the near future. An application form must be filled in by each delegate and given in to Fr. Bowen a.s.a.p. A meeting will be held in November to discuss matters further.


I received this email during the week and wonder if anybody can help by adding to Brother John’s list of priests and religious from the Athea area. If you can please let us know by email [email protected] or by calling into the office any morning between 9am and 12.30pm.

Dear Domhnall,

I have heard that you have a great knowledge of the local history of Athea. In one of Jer Kennelly’s postings, he quotes from ‘Athea Notes’ of the 1950s that a priest, ‘Rev Kieran Barry from Creeves’, Shanagolden, was home on holidays. I suspect that he may have been connected with a Mr Barry, who was Principal of the National School, Nutgrove, Shanagolden, in the early years of the 20thcentury. I am trying to get some information about him, especially where he ministered and died. I wonder if you have ever come across the name. Of course he would be dead for, perhaps, 50 years.

I would also welcome any information you could supply on priests and religious from the Athea area (other than those listed hereunder).

Le gach dea-ghuí

Brother John M  Feheney

Presentation Brothers, Mardyke House, Mardyke Walk, Cork. Tel: 021-4251192

Priests from Athea Area

Danaher, Rev Stephen (1839-1918), Limerick Diocese

O’Sullivan, Rev Con (1890-1963), Limerick Diocese

Roche, Rev Jeremiah (1941-2009), SPS (KIltegan)

White, Rev James (1915-1996) CSSp (Holy Ghost)

Woulfe, Rev Patrick (1872-1933). Limerick Diocese

Woulfe, Rev Maurice (1891-1962) Birmingham

Nuns from Athea Area

Mulvihill, Sr. Catherine (19115-2005) HFB (Holy Family)

Murphy, Sr. Margaret (1916-2009) RSM (Mercy)

O’Connor, Sr. Mercedes (d. 2013) RSM (Mercy)

O’Connor, Sr. Rosario (??), RSM (Mercy)

Scollard, Sr. Mary (1906-1997), PBVM (Presentation)