By Kathleen Mullane


“Our Summer has Gone”

Yes ‘it’s here again – rain – we were so long without it, it’s actually strange having places wet again. The month of September was the driest month in places since records began and it’s only these past few days that many of us have started to put on fires again – it was great while it lasted and will shorten the winter and conserve fuel for so many and thankfully the farmers are sorted for the winter ahead and with Halloween and Christmas just around the corner – the long evenings will be with us before we know it. Why are we always wishing our lives away? We won’t be changed!

Sincere sympathy is extended to the family of Mick Leach of Cratloe, who passed away over the weekend. Mick was ‘a true gentleman’ in every sense of the word. Any occasion I met him up at O’Halloran’s Nursery he had a witty saying, a smile or a joke. ‘May his gentle soul rest in peace’.

Well I don’t know if many of you were glued to the return of “Love Hate”, on Sunday evening last  – there was so much hype and talk about it in the past few weeks. The papers said that more families sat down together to watch it than in years gone by when Glenroe and The Riordans were on our screens. Those latter programmes were refined, with no violence or bloodshed. How times have changed. Love-Hate shows Dublin’s violence and much more and everyone seems to be loving it – I don’t watch it, so I can’t comment really!

Having spent Saturday last in Dublin en route to Newry on Sunday I said ‘thank God’ to be living in the country! The hustle and bustle, crowds everywhere – rushing to get the overcrowded Luas (even though it’s a great convenience for people). We didn’t see any recession in and around Dublin, people were spending.

The city is so multi-cultural now. Before if you saw a handful of different nationalities that was as much as it was, whereas now every second person is from a different country. Moore St., is still holding its own with the “apples, oranges and ripe bananas” getting their advertising by the stall holders. Tourists in their coach loads were being dropped at the various hotels, which was good to see. It was nice for a visit – but the freedom our children have in the country is worth its weight in gold!