The Listowel races are over, the Sam Maguire is back to Kerry, the Ploughing is underway in Ratheniska, Co. Laois and the sun is still shining. What more can we ask for? We are surely getting a lovely autumn.

The Wrenboy tradition at Listowel is dying out. I believe there was only one batch – from Clare – there last Friday night which is a pity. I suppose it is the cycle of life, things come and things go. Surprisingly life goes on anyway. 

I was in Dublin on Sunday. There is always such a great buzz in the city on the day of an All Ireland. Back in the 70’s when I worked in Dublin and lived in the shadow of Croke Park I was always amazed at the early hour people started arriving and parking the cars in every space that could be found. Parking is stricter now and one could be clamped if not careful. Having parked in Drumcondra on Sunday morning it was lovely to walk down Drumcondra Rd and see all the yellows, greens and golds of the jerseys. Everyone, no matter which jersey they were wearing, was in good form looking forward to an exciting day. All the pubs and restaurants and takeaways were busy serving breakfasts.

All the worries of the world, IS, Ukraine, Syria, Ebola outbreak etc,  were put aside for one day and it was time to have fun. It was just a lovely sight. We walked down into O’Connell St just to savour the atmosphere and everywhere was a mass of colour and smiling faces. But after five o’clock and the full time whistle had blown the faces changed. Now the Kerry jersey wearers were in top form while the Donegal’s walked as fast as they could to their cars and buses with heavy hearts and sad faces. If I was not married to a Kerryman I would have supported them and felt so sorry for them. But there has to be winners and losers in every game and Kerry were the winners on Sunday.

Fr O’Leary will be leaving the parish next week and we will welcome our new priest Fr Austin McNamara on the 1st weekend of October.

Glin library will be closed all day on this Friday.