By Peg Prendeville

Congratulations and very best wishes to Kay Scanlon, Glasha and Jerry Long, Clounleharde who were married in Kinnity Castle last weekend. Many friends and neighbours joined in the celebrations both in Kinnity and on arriving back to the Knockdown Arms. I wish them a happy future in Clounleharde.

Congratulations to Anne Marie and Maurice Horgan, Athea on the birth of baby Brendan, a brother for Nancy. Though Brendan has some challenges he is doing his best to overcome them and we send prayers and best wishes to all the family at this emotional time.  

The latest craze hitting the country is the “Ice Bucket challenge”. This was really brought to our attention by Daithi Ó Sé on RTE during the Rose of Tralee festival. Since then every Tom, Dick and Harry has had iced water thrown over them. The cause is good, it all being for the prevention and treatment of Motor Neurone Disease,  and just like the recent craze of “selfie” it has taken the country by storm. I don’t know what you readers think but this is how I feel about it.


Ice Bucket challenge

 Am I the only grouch around

Who is fed up of all this water

Thrown on every head we know

To me, it’s worse than slaughter.

Give the money if you want

All causes need some help

But no need to plaster Facebook

With iced water and a yelp.

Ok it was funny for a while

But now its time to stop

And think of water charges

It’s too expensive for to slop.

And what about some people

I cannot help but think

Who have to walk for miles each day

To get water for to drink.

So please, all you kind people,

Donate if that’s your choice

But do it and move on in life

And then we’ll all rejoice.