By Peg Prendeville

I extend sympathies to the Brosnan family, Knocknagorna on the death of their brother Jack Brosnan, after a brief illness, last week.

There was terrible lightening locally last Sunday morning week which did some damage. Ninety year old Jack O’Grady says he never remembered a clap of thunder so loud as the one which came with the bolt of lightening. There were walls cracked and phones blown off the walls of some neighbours. Luckily there were no humans hurt but Noonan’s dog, Susie, was so terrified that she ran away and the family is still looking for her. So if you notice a stray black/white/brown “sheltie” type dog, recently clipped, please let Carol know on 069 82020. Dogs, and I suppose all animals, are very sensitive to thunder and get very frightened.

I was away on a family holiday in Fanore, Co. Clare last week and missed all the “tóir”. It was nice to see all the tourist spots like Doolin and the Cliffs of Moher so busy. In fact some visitors were turned away from the cliffs for a few hours on one day. Most businesses said that this year was the busiest that they had in many years, which is good to hear. The country might be on the “turn”. Doolin pier, which was badly damaged in the February storm, is being extended to cope with bigger boats. It was interesting to watch the work with big diggers and cranes moving rocks from one side to build up the other side.

Congratulations to Liza Mulvihill in St Ita’s hospital who celebrated her 99th Birthday on Tuesday. She misses all her friends who have gone before her but has no notion of joining them yet.