by Peg Prendeville

In order to get inspiration to fill this weekly column I have a look through local papers to get the mind working. It is often the time I notice articles of interest that I would have skipped through on the first reading. Like the historic correspondence which has been loaned to the Foynes Museum lately and which is on display. The museum is one of the places that is always of interest to tourists and locals, especially on a wet or cold day, where one can spend a very interesting morning or evening. The “Taylor/Monteagle Papers” were found in 2012 in an old safe belonging to a former Foynes Harbour Trustee. It is now known as Shannon Foynes Port Company. So these historic papers were loaned to the museum. They contain letters from Parnell, Davitt, Grattan and the Redmond brothers as well as MP John Deasy. So I would encourage all of you to go and see these IF we get a wet day during the summer. They would even be still worth seeing on a dry day! It is amazing what can be hidden away for years and then become public. Like Jacqueline Kennedy’s letters which I feel were private and should be kept so but sensationalism gets in the way, if not greed.

The Great Southern Trail is another lovely facility we have near us in West Limerick and is well used for walking and cycling and should be used as much as we can. The more enthusiastic people can do great stretches of it but little bits can be done also. I recently read an account of a visiting cyclist who did the whole journey from Rathkeale to the Kerry bounds and was fascinated by the terrain and the quiet no-traffic road. The only complaint he had was hiking his bike over the few gates and stiles which have to be there to separate farms. Another leisure activity is the Knight’s Walk in Glin; it is a lovely, breath-taking – in more ways than one – walk which is beautiful on a fine day where you can view out over the Shannon Estuary. It can be a bit strenuous for somebody that is not used to doing much walking.   So now there are a few ideas to fill your summer holidays.

Congratulations to my neighbours Aaron and Darragh Murphy Knockdown and David Culhane Glenbawn who were confirmed by Bishop Leahy in Ballyhahill last week and to Ciara Walsh, Glenagragra who was confirmed in Glin the same day. They were blessed with the fine day unlike the Communion class the previous Saturday.