by Kathleen Mullane


A little weeping fairy found

A patch of sunshine on the ground.

She knew it was the very thing,

To mend a hole torn in her wing.

She dried her eyes, picked up the patch,

And saw it would exactly match,

So sitting beneath a tree they say,

She sewed it on and flew away.”

Well, Athea Tidy Towns will be launching “Athea Fairy Mountain” when a unique group of inhabitants will get a great welcome to Athea. This will take place on Bank Holiday Monday next, June 2nd at 3pm and it promises to be a fantastic day for children and their parents. The Fairy Wood is a lovely area at the rear of the Community Hall and will be inhabited by little creatures; a place where imaginations can run wild !  Also the 7 new flagpoles have been erected up near the graveyard, the bridge has been repaired and is ready for planting and the brilliant artist, James Dunne from Clash has started the painting on Tadhg Shine’s old forge wall. Indeed the Tidy Towns group are really putting in a huge effort again this year to make our little village a truly remarkable place to be proud of. Well done to them.

Would anyone out there know how to get rid of a fox that has killed all my hens, even 3 or 4 in one day ? He must like chicken !

Those who took up the collection last weekend, in aid of Nano Nagle School, thank sincerely all who gave so generously.

Well, Saturday evening last proved to be a lovely “Crowning of Our Lady” ceremony by the 1st Communion class. The choir of course added to the occasion and their final hymn “Our Lady of Knock” sung by Margaret Carroll and backed by the choir had everyone remaining in their seats until the very last note, proof that music and singing have an impact on all.

Well, the G.A.A. “Fun Run” and “Adventure Run” is fast approaching on Sunday 15th June and many can be seen getting fit through cycling and jogging on the roads in and around the parish. Whatever about the Fun Run, the Adventure Run won’t be for the faint-hearted or those afraid of getting wet or dirty. In all, it should be a great day.

Just to wish all those starting their Junior and Leaving Cert exams on Wednesday next all the very best of luck and, if you’ve put in the work up to this, you will do just fine.

Thought for the week: “Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”