by Kathleen Mullane

“Out & About”

The fund-raising quiz at the Top of  the Town in aid of Athea National School due to be held on Friday night, May 23rd, has been postponed until further notice.

Congrats and well done to the 2nd class girls and boys in Athea N.S. who received their First Holy Communion on Saturday last. It was a beautiful day for the occasion. The Mass was concelebrated by Fr. Bowen, Canon Kelly and Fr. O’Donoghue (a relative of Donal and Caroline Pierse). The school choir sang beautifully and really added to the ceremony. Well done to the teachers, parents and everyone who had any input into the whole event.

This Wednesday it’s the turn of the 5th and 6th class who will be confirmed by our new Bishop, Brendan Leahy. Mass will be at 1 o’clock and once again we hope for some sunshine. All the very best again to the boys and girls on this very special occasion.

Sincere sympathy is extended to Tom O’Connor, Cratloe, on the death over the weekend of his sister Teresa (Terri) Harrington in Cork after a long illness. Sympathy also to her family and relatives. May she rest in peace.

On reading an article recently on our forthcoming summer, it seems that the signs aren’t good unfortunately. It seems the Ash trees are bursting into leaf, whereas the Oak trees are still sleeping. According to those who look for the signs in nature – a time tested weather lore states – “the Oak before the Ash, then we’ll only get a splash, but the Ash before the Oak, then we’ll surely get a soak”. The whole country at the moment is in the middle of a tree felling frenzy which began in the immediate aftermath of our big storm in February. It was indeed a miracle that no one was killed by a falling tree at the time or in the days following the storm. For the lovers of trees we remember the words:


Woodman, spare that tree,

Touch not a single bough.

In youth it sheltered me,

And I’ll protect it now