Easter Celebrations 

Well another Easter gone by and what a glorious few days everyone has enjoyed over the holiday break. The Church celebration of Easter began on Holy Thursday night with the stripping bare of the altar and the choir sang beautifully at this ceremony. On Good Friday, which was also a glorious day, many attended the devotions and Stations of the Cross in the evening.

The Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday night at 9pm was also very well attended and the culmination of a wonderful week of devotion, singing and parish participation. Well done to Canon Kelly who, at his wonderful age, participated in each and every ceremony along with Fr. Bowen. The servers did a great job and of course the choir cannot be complimented enough for making the whole week very sincere and meaningful. The Eucharistic Minister also renewed their promises during the week and new ministers were also initiated. Those who did the long readings and helped out in any way also are thanked. Well done to all

The glorious sunshine saw all the children on holidays and out and about all week playing football and making the most of the Easter holidays.

Sincere sympathy is extended to the family and relatives of the late Mary Flavin of Templeathea who reposed at Kelly’s Funeral Parlour on Monday night last. Many came to pay their respects. ‘May she rest in peace’.

I just came across these few lines recently – and no doubt a very true message.

You can’t take anything with you


A man was dying, and when he realised it he saw God coming closer with a suitcase in his hand. God said “All right my friend, it’s time to go”

Surprised, the man asked “Now? So soon? I had a lot of plans….”

“I’m sorry, but it time to go” God insisted.

“What do you have in that suitcase?” the man asked

God answered: “Your belongings”

“My belongings. You mean my things, my clothes and my money?

God answered: “Those things were not yours – they belonged to the earth”  “Is it my memories” the man asked.

“Those never belonged to you they belonged to Time” God reminded him.

“Is it my talents” “Those were never yours, they belonged to me and to circumstances” God said. “Is it my body?” God answered: “That was never yours, it belonged to creation”

“Is it my soul?” “No, that is mine” God replied, with great patience.

The man took the suitcase from God and opened it, only to discover it was empty.

Utterly shocked and in great distress, the man said: “I never had anything” “That is correct” said God.

“Only the moment you lived was yours. Enjoy life and what you have but never forget you cannot take anything with you”

Indeed food for thought