On Sunday next April 13th, there will be a grand “Vintage Run” here in Athea commencing at 12 mid-day from Brown Joe’s. There will be a great assortment of vehicles to be seen and hopefully the day will remain dry for the event. In the evening there will be a barbeque and refreshments served at Brown Joe’s. All are welcome.

Don’t forget to bring your palm for blessing on next Saturday night to evening mass. No doubt there will also be palm available at the entrances to the church. Hopefully the custom of putting the blessed palm over the fire-place in one’s home and also in cars and vehicles hasn’t faded as long ago it was always felt it protected the household from fire and evil.

Well the shop windows in Athea have beautiful colourful posters on them advertising the Easter Egg Hunt which is taking place on Easter Sunday and is being organised by Athea GAA. Also on Easter Sunday the car boot sale is going to be a great attraction so now is the time to go into your wardrobes, cupboards, sheds etc to do a complete clear-out – showing “no mercy”, be determined and if you haven’t used or worn an item in the past 12 months get rid of it. Car boot sales are a marvellous way of selling things you no longer need and remember “What’s one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure”!

A benefit dance is going to be held at the Devon Inn on June 27th for Martina Tierney (a sister of Sandra O’Sullivan’s – Hillside Drive). Martina has been suffering from M.S. for a number of years now and at a young age is wheelchair bound. She lives in Templeglantine. Sandra and Noel and their helpers will be going door to door selling tickets for the dance and at just €5 each you are asked to please support if you can. So far the response has been overwhelming. There will be great prizes on the night of the dance, including a load of Turf and a weekend away in Bewley’s Hotel sponsored by Tommy Moran as well as other great spot prizes. The money raised will help Martina have assistance and help and a better quality of life. Thanks for your support in advance.