‘Happy Days’ for Helen and Mickie Hayes who over the weekend were blessed with their new baby, a little boy, they are naming Oran Michael. His two little sisters Patrice and Aoife are delighted with their new baby brother. Congratulations also to the proud grandparents on both sides Rose and Mike Hayes and Eileen and Micheál Brosnan.

Congratulations and good wishes are extended to newlyweds Ailis Cummane – daughter of Alice and Pat of Knockdown who was married to Brian Aherne – son of Nellie and Mossie of Garrygloss on Friday last. A great day was enjoyed by everyone at the Devon Inn. The newlyweds are honeymooning in Kancun, Mexico and Las Vegas. 

Congratulations to the Athea Vixens Basketball teams who did so very well over the weekend. On Monday they travelled to Tralee where the U12’s won the Cup and the U-14’s and the U-16’s came in 2nd place in the League.  Some of the players are heading to Manchester over the coming weekend with the club hoping they all get on well there. 

If any of you ladies, men or young adults want to “get fit” it’s been decided to start off a social jogging group in Athea. The group will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8pm at the Memorial Hall starting on Tues 2nd April at 8pm. Initially the group will start with regular intervals of walking briskly for 5 mins, jogging for 5 mins and eventually building up to jogging the 5km.  All who are interested should turn up at the Memorial Hall on the nights in question. Please ensure you wear Hi Vis vests and appropriate running gear.

We have a new Pope at last. ‘Pope Francis’ the First and it seems so far he’s a genuine ‘down to earth’ Pope who would rather ‘take the bus’ than be driven and prefers to pick up his own clothes – not having people helping him as Mark Cagney on TV3 the other morning said “I hope we have a Pope that wears sandals rather than designer slippers” and it seems like this is the sort of Pope we now have.

The St Patrick’s Day Parades had a great turn out in the neighbouring towns of Abbeyfeale and Newcastle West over the weekend with the weather remaining good. It’s on days like this everyone is proud to be Irish.