Pat’s Corner-Pat Brosnan 

2013 and After 

As we have now reached the beginning of 2013 we can now discuss the forecasts of developments that could and will most certainly take place in the context of next year without anybody remarking that one is looking too far ahead. While of course it is possible that some of us might be getting it wrong, it is nonetheless my opinion that it will not be this year, but rather 2014 that is most likely to be a year of destiny for this particular part of the world and principally for the so-called United Kingdom and events happening there, which is very likely to also impact on ourselves for better or worse.

My views on this are based on some things that are almost certain to take place in 2014 and some of the events leading up to it. For instance, the Budget at the close of this year when it comes is likely to be a much softer and more liberal one than the last austerity laden one that was imposed on the unfortunate and most vulnerable and poverty stricken people of the state, while the fat cats who are licking off the cream of our country’s resources got away without either one or the other ~Government coalition partners shouting “Quit”. But with local and European elections coming up in 2014 wait and see what will happen in the next Budget, that is of course if the Fine Gael and Labour parties can hold together until that time and that of course is a very big “if” indeed. But let us suppose they will stick together, then we can be fairly sure that the next Budget will be an election one. The Government will swell our heads with all sorts of fables, yarns and fairytales. We will be told the crisis is over, the recession has ended, our friends in Europe have promised to be very generous with us, there will be plenty money available to restore the carer’s and home help hours and full allowances. There will be even extra help for the handicapped and the aged and destitute. More hospital beds will soon be available for those who have been waiting for years for surgery and treatment, the children’s allowance will be restored, maybe even in fact increased, the pensioners Christmas bonus will be brought back, the bad times are all over. Happy times are here again and will continue getting better if you will vote for us. After all can’t you surely see the good job we have done in restoring the country to full sovereignty and financial independence after being in Government only a few short years and taking into consideration the awful mess that the previous corrupt administration left our poor country in. of course we know and fully realise the sacrifices that we asked the people to make during the past few years. But dammit wasn’t it all worth the little effort when you consider how everything is about to improve under this Government, there will be more jobs in the pipeline, less young people having to emigrate, more help for hard-pressed mortgage holders, far less handouts to the bank and the wealthy bondholders, the takeover of the ghost estates scattered around the country and allocating those t6o people who are in need of housing.

All this and much, much more we will grant unto you, the people of this great little country who have under our guidance have now arisen from your knees, thrown off the shackles of past administrations and who now have become a real self-supporting nation once again under the great achievements of the Fine Gael and Labour parties who have combined so successfully and so unselfishly not for the political welfare or promotion of either party, nor indeed for power or any political gain, but for the common good of the country. In all honesty we will indeed admit some of our small mistakes such as the imposition of the household charge. We actually thought that most people would be glad to make this small contribution for the good of the country. We can never understand why there are so many spiteful people out there who would begrudge the few extra Euro that we receive in our hard earned salary or the few hundreds of thousands that we pay our advisors for their valuable help in directing us along the right path in trying to do the best for the love of our country. But never mind such jealous individuals will always be there but so long as you, the people of Ireland, will support the Fine Gael and Labour parties in the forthcoming local and European elections all will be rosy in our gardens, sorry we mean in our country.

The above is the type of soft talk and empty promises that the Government parties will again dole out next year in the period of time prior to the local and European elections, again as previously stated if they are still in power and functioning. The question is how many people will believe them again after the false promises before the last general election and the let-down of the last couple of years? But yes, unfortunately there are many people who will believe them, they always do. People generally are now asking which party the ought to turn to that might bring them some hope for the future, now that they have become so fed up and disillusioned with politics. That is a question that all of us must answer for ourselves and voter, or not vote, according to our beliefs.

Another event that is sure to have far reaching consequences for all the British Isles and Ireland next year is the forthcoming referendum on Scottish National Independence. Even the greatest political experts and political journalists are at a loss to know which way the referendum might go, but it will be all up to the people of Scotland to decide for themselves. With Britain, according to recent media reports, seriously considering breaking with the European Union and Scotland thinking of going it alone next year there are surely interesting times ahead as any of these radical measures, if they come to pass, could have major consequences for our own island both North and South. In the meantime we will have to await developments.


Sympathy is extended to Delia O’Donoghue, Dromreask and her husband Tom and her sons James and John on the death of her brother Patrick Duggan in North Kerry. The removal from O’Carroll’s Funeral Home, Listowel to the Church on Tuesday evening was attended by a large number of people who called to pay their respects and offer their sympathy. The Requiem Mass and funeral on the following day were also both well attended. Sympathy too to his other family members and relatives. May his soul rest in peace.