Kathleen’s Corner- Kathleen Mullane 

Well the Christmas decorations have been put away again for yet another year. The children and students have returned to their schools and colleges and all is now in readiness for a New Year ahead. I’ve never seen so many take to the roads on their bikes – not only “racing bikes” but the ordinary bikes. And of course ‘walkers’ can be seen from dawn ‘til late at night doing  “the ring”  -lights flashing on their high-vis jackets and now also with the lights that can be tied around one’s head like the “miners” – it’s great to see everyone taking precaution – not like before when cars had to swerve to avoid people on the road, but of course there are still the few that venture out all in dark clothing putting their lives at risk and that of the motorists.

Has the Christmas period left you sluggish and bloated? Don’t worry, everyone, I’m sure, feels like this at this time of the year, however, even now you can see a slight stretch in the evening and with the mild weather the daffodils are starting to pop up everywhere and we all will be looking forward in anticipation to the roasting summer that’s being forecast by that New Zealand fella – we await! No doubt everyone is making New Year resolutions and whatever they be we all go into 2013 with a positive attitude and the knowledge that everyone can succeed and achieve their goals no matter what. Good Luck!

Sincere sympathy is extended to the Vaughan family of Dirreen on the death in Leeds, England of Julia Cassidy (nee Vaughan). Also sympathy to the McEnery families of Gortnagross and Hillside Drive on the death of Denis McEnery of Moyvane. ‘May they rest in peace’.

This weekend before all Masses, the Ladies Football Club will be taking up their annual collection. As always they are looking for your support.

Don’t know if many of you were watching “Hector Goes Holy”, a new programme exploring religion as I write these lines this Monday night – he met Fr. Brian D’Arcy, an old school friend – now a priest – he really threw a down-to-earth view on the Church as it stands today – he said we all need “Hope” and an “Anchor”, that religion is a real challenge now but gives us something to believe in.