Sincere congratulations to Ellen O’Connor, daughter of Jim and Josephine, Gortnagross who was married on Friday last to Patrick Mulcahy, son of Bridget and the late Ted of Abbeyfeale and grandson of Jim Larkin and his good wife in Clash. A great day was enjoyed by everyone at the Devon Inn.

I better congratulate my own daughter Emma who got engaged over the weekend to Dave Mulvihill of Barragougeen, Moyvane. 

Sympathy is extended to Donie Lyons of Colbert Street on the death last week of his mother Ellen. Sincere sympathy also goes to Pauline Kelleghan of Knocknagorna on the sudden death of her brother Seamus Smyth in Navan. ‘May they rest in peace’

Well, as I stated in last week’s corner, things are quietening down with the onset of winter and Night Classes are “Popping Up” everywhere enticing people to take on a hobby. Hobbies it is said “Are a great Boost” to one’s health and are considered one of the best ways of dealing with pressure, boosting our physical as well as mental wellbeing.  Certain activities such as fishing and gardening are being used by health experts to help patients with mental illness or brain wasting “Huntington’s Disease”.

Knitting’- it has been proved has a major impact in the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa and has a calming effect on people who take up the hobby. Dancing – with an ageing population the bone wasting disease OSTEOPOROSIS is on the increase. One of the best ways to build strong bones is through dancing. Gardening– it is said is good for love life and 30 minutes of gardening could help men from becoming impotent. Singing – Singing is becoming very popular because of its stress burning properties. Singing, it’s proved, lowers Blood Pressure triggers memory in Alzheimer’s sufferers and makes you live longer.  Fishing – a spot of Fishing is the perfect antidote to the pressures of life it gives people confidence and a lift of mood. Drawing –    “Art Therapy” is a useful way to help cancer patients especially children cope with their condition. Horse riding Horse Riding may be a more risky hobby than knitting, yet it can have extensive health benefits. Saddling up and getting out and about is widely used for children with physical disabilities- such as Cerebral Palsy. Surfingwhich has become very popular in Ireland boosts morale, confidence, self-esteem and helps post traumatic stress.