Here we are again; back to school and college, preparing for the Listowel races and now Summer has decided to pay a visit for a few days! I suppose it is welcome at any time so we will enjoy it while we can. I think the school summer holidays should be postponed to August/September in future as we often get a good September. July, to my mind, is always wet!

I wish the very best of luck to Tom Moran and Mike Hayes and their walking pals who will set out next week walking from Athea to Dublin. I have great admiration for them as it will not be an easy task. I hope the whole project will be well supported both with money and with good wishes and with good weather!

The Limerick Co. Council workers are busy repairing the local bridges in Knockdown/Glenbawn these times. Many of the bridges were corroding underneath.

Dominick West, son-in-law to the Knight of Glin, paid a visit, with his children, to Glin library last week and was very impressed by the facility in the town. The library is now going into its 8th year and is respected by all the community.  It is open 20 hours a week including two nights Tuesday and Thursday.

Recently I came across a poem written by Paddy Faley RIP some years ago and thought I would include an extract from it.


The Twin Lakes of Spahill


Some go to Lisdoonvarna for a dip in the Spa water

To cure their arthritis, their pains and aches to slaughter,

Since Spa water effects a cure you’ll find it nearer still,

In superabundance it is found in the Twin Lakes of Spahill.


So don’t you go travelling to far off County Clare

You’ll find Spa water in Knockdown better than anywhere

If you’re suffering from headache or any other ill

You’ll leave it all behind you in the Twin Lakes of Spahill.


No better place in Ireland to jump in for a swim

The magic of this water will loosen every limb

You’ll go leaping o’er the heather with the joy it will instil

And you will count your blessings at the Twin Lakes of Spahill.


The peaceful surroundings will bring pleasure to your heart

Here your soul will find God’s grace and you’ll be loathe to part

There you can view a monument in the shape of a limekiln

That tells the tales of other days by the Twin Lakes of Spahill.


To this spot the sportsmen come with guns to try their luck

And have a crack at the pheasants the woodcock and wild duck

You’ll see the graceful seagulls floating on each rippling rill

That dances on the surface of the Twin Lakes of Spahill.