There was great excitement in Athea on Tuesday morning with many people gathering to wish Tom Moran and Mike Hayes and co-walkers all the best as they set out on their journey to Dublin. The first day would be their shortest journey as they walk on by Knocknagorna and Tom Moran’s native place to Newcastlewest but they will have long days too with an average of 30 miles a day. That is a lot of walking. There were banners and balloons and music at Athea School to greet the well-wishers and all were offered tea/coffee and buns and scones sponsored by Kearney’s Home Baking. Brendan Grace was one of the people I spotted among the crowd.

“Best of luck to Tom and Mike as you walk along the road

From Athea to Dublin town passing Tom’s abode.

May every step be a prayer to God to grant comfort to those in pain

Who may need help in Pieta House where they’ll be made well again.

You have the support of all of us; we admire your determination.

We’ll  be thinking daily of you ‘til you reach your destination”

 Happy 21st birthday to Linda Costello, Turraree who celebrated with family and friends in the Knockdown Arms last weekend. Linda is a very pleasant member of the staff of Knockdown Arms.

It is good to see a “Sale Agreed” sign in the shop in Carrig again. It gives hope that good times might be ahead for our country. Best of luck to the new owners when they open up.