Feale Rangers Victorious Minor Team who defeated Daithi Brudairs in the Minor A West Final on a scoreline of 1-09 to 0-7

Screening of Fr. Gerry Roche Film

I am writing to invite you to the screening of a documentary film I co-produced, about an Irish missionary who was murdered in Kenya three years ago. The film, “A Mighty Man: The Father Gerry Roche Story” will be screened at Filmbase on August 30th.

Father Gerry Roche spent over 40 years building clinics, schools, churches and community centres in Kenya’s politically contentious Rift Valley.

The thousands of people helped by his unflagging efforts to make their lives better were distraught when Father Gerry was brutally murdered in 2009 (just 2 years short of his planned retirement in Ireland).

Father Gerry was a man of contradictions: a devoted Catholic priest who longed for the opportunity to marry, a dedicated human rights activist who found humour and mischief in everything, and an ardent supporter of people his Church has historically marginalized, including unwed mothers and same-sex couples.

This film focuses on the life of Father Gerry as told by his closest friends, family members and former parishioners from around the world. Through audio interviews and home videos, Father Gerry also essentially narrates of the story of his own life.

Today, Irish people are reeling from seemingly endless new discoveries of sexual abuse committed by priests and cover-ups by their brethren. Thus, understandably, many Irish people often refer to the Church nowadays in purely pejorative terms. However because of this, many of the good people involved in the Church have been tarred with the same unfavourable brush as those who committed grave crimes. We think that Irish people ought to have the opportunity to recognize (and be motivated by) the positive impact made by someone like Father Gerry Roche, who dedicated his life to service and spirituality, above all else.

If you are interested in hearing more about our film, please feel free to contact me at any time.

There will be a wine and cheese reception at 8pm, followed by the film at 8:30pm, and a Q&A session with family members and friends of Father Roche afterwards. Tickets are 5 Euro at the door and cannot be purchased in advance.

Limerick Gathering Meeting

 You are invited to be part of it on Tuesday, 4th September at 7pm at Woodlands House Hotel, Adare

In 2013, the people of Ireland will open their arms to family, friends and connections from around the world for The Gathering.

They will be invited to come home and join a celebration of everything great our country has to offer.

The Gathering Ireland 2013 is a people’s project. It’s about you, your family, your neighbours, your community, your sports club, your town and county. This is your chance to showcase the very best of Ireland by organising a special event and inviting home those with Irish connections to be part of it.

We’re asking everyone in Limerick to get involved. Come along to your community meeting on September 4th to find out more, learn how you can be part of it, or share any ideas you may already have. 2013 will be an incredible year in Ireland. Make sure Limerick is part of it.

It starts with you.

For more information visit thegatheringireland.com