by Peg Prendeville

In July we can expect any kind of weather but the month of June is, in my mind anyway, supposed to be a summer month when one expects blue skies and sunshine. Alas, not this year. I have been going through Jim’s Rainfall chart which he keeps every day since 2001 and not alone was this June the worst June ever it was almost the worst month ever. Only about four other months in the last 11 years were worse. This June recorded 212.9 in comparison to June 2011 when it was 112.5 or 2006 when it was 24.3! The worst months were November 2009 – 334.6 and Jan 2008 – 293.6. The driest year since 2001 was 2001 with 1151.6. The wettest year was 2008 with 1842.4.

On the recent Limerick diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes was Liza Mulvihill, who is one month away from 97 years. She tells me she was the oldest person on the plane and was extremely well looked after throughout the five days in Lourdes. At the going home party which is held on the last night before they come home Liza played the bodhrán. It is people like Liza who bring hope and joy to the world. She is grateful for everything she gets, grateful to be looked after so well in St Ita’s and loves telling people about stories and funny incidents throughout her life. Her one sadness is that she misses Paddy Faley with whom she had great fun when they met in Respite in St Ita’s. “There is no fun without him” she says.  But she can still laugh and have a joke and it is a tonic to visit her.

Sunday July 15th is almost upon us when all roads lead to Knockdown and the Killeaney Funday/Knockdown Vintage celebrations. Lots of novelty events like Bonny baby, Glamorous Granny, Arts & Crafts, Sports events as well as all the Vintage displays. There will be a Bottle stall where one boys a ticket and wins a bottle. The fun is in what the bottle contains – it can be alcohol, orange, tomato sauce, shampoo or any other liquid, depending on your luck. Killeaney Committee would like to receive donated bottles of anything for this stall and ask you all to support it. Contact Mike Cummane, Jim Prendeville or Joe McGrath if you wish to donate a bottle. All funds raised goes towards the upkeep of the Killeaney Grounds and it is hoped that all parents of young players will support the day. Big Maggie will be entertaining outdoors while later on in the evening there will be entertainment in the Knockdown Arms. It promises to be a great day.

Congratulations to Bridie and Stephen Murphy on the birth of their first grandchild Lia Clifford, daughter to Linda and Philip, Glenastar. We wish them all happy times.