by Pat Brosnan


Aftermath of Referendum

 Even though the Austerity Referendum is now well and truly over it is difficult to see what the “Yes” vote, by a 60-40 majority of those who supported it, has achieved. The most outstanding factor in this sham and expensive exercise was that half the population did not bother to vote at all.  So instead of loudly proclaiming the result as a victory for the “yes” side the political parties and other organisations that supported it should have been realistic and humble enough to acknowledge that the real winner on this occasion was apathy.  How can any of the main parties Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour as well as their supporters claim to have the support of the majority when all they got from the electorate was 60% of 50% whatever that might work out at we will leave to somebody who is far ahead of mathematics than me.  But anybody with common sense will of course know that the support for the “yes” side was only that of a minority whatever way the political parties will try to twist or turn the result. It goes to prove that a huge section of the people are so sick and tired of these European Treaties that they have decided to boycott the referendum . While of course such an attitude cannot be good for democracy and it would have been much better if the disillusioned people would come out and vote but unfortunately there is such a malaise in political interest towards anything that is happening particularly in the European context.  This has been brought about by the fact that after the majority of the population had turned down the Nice and Lisbon Treaties those in power who wanted them ratified ordered a further referendum in both cases and scared the voters into supporting them. That is the only logical reason why only half the people voted in the recent referendum.  But really it does not matter one iota whether this austerity treaty was passed or not. Even some of the greatest economic and financial experts in our own country as well as in Europe are now agreed that the Euro could be in big trouble and even perhaps on the way out.  If this happens now or in the future then the whole structure of the European Union will be in danger of falling just like other empires have broken up in the past, like the Soviet Union did in our own time after having enslaved several Eastern European countries for decades after the Second World War. From all the history of the world we have learned how Empires have all finally shattered and nationalism has been restored in many countries even our own that once were under the control and iron rule of Empires. Naturally it would be unfair to compare the European Union with the ruthless Soviet Communist Empire of the mid and late twentieth century in which the people of Russia itself and those of the satellite nations of Eastern Europe were so ruthlessly persecuted and exploited by their Soviet Communist masters and their own puppet Governments.  It would also be a little unwise to describe the European Union in the same terms as Michael O’Leary, the Ryan Air chief, did a few years ago when he spoke about it as “that evil Empire”. The EU may not be as menacing as the landlords who ruled our country and were regarded as a privileged class whose word was law and the local Irish peasants were looked upon as inferior beings. Thankfully the days of the battering ram and burning of the peasant’s cabins after they had been evicted is no longer taking place but there are still those who are being evicted from their home and their properties and re-possessed by the financial lending institutions from whom they rather foolishly borrowed loans during the good times and were unable to meet the repayments when the recession took away their employment and standard of living. While brute force is no longer the method by which the controllers of the European Union act to impose their policies, they operate in a far more sly and subtle manner by imposing stupid and nonsensical regulations with the connivance and co-operation of the Governments of some of the various satellite states. In our own country the ban on traditional turf cutting is one example of this crazy intervention in the lives of our people and naturally it is being resisted.  If the Euro will collapse it will then surely be the beginning of the end of the European Union experiment.  First of all it was sold as an economic measure of a common market, then gradually we have been dragged step by step into it, until now the idea of total integration into Europe is being mooted and if this happens our last vestige of being a free independent State will have been taken away. Hopefully the people of our country will finally wake up to such a dire prospect and not allow it to happen. The English have already set a headline against being swallowed up into a European Super State. We would do well to follow their example.


Death of Elizabeth Mulvihill

The death of Elizabeth (Liz) Mulvihill of Glin which occurred unexpectedly during the week was widely regretted throughout West Limerick and further afield.  Liz (nee Ellis) was a member of a highly regarded family and her death at the comparatively young age of 52 came as a shock not alone to her immediate family, relatives, friends and neighbours but to the wider community as well where the family are well known for their musical talents particularly her husband John and her son Sean who has won a number of All-Ireland accordion and melodeon competitions in recent years at Fleadh Cheoil na h-Éireann.  It is only a few weeks ago that Liz and her family members attended Fleadh Cheoil Luimnigh at Limerick University College. There was a large attendance at the removal to Glin Parish Church and also at the Requiem Mass on Saturday at which some traditional airs were played and traditional songs were sung by County singing 2012 champion Con Warren of Newcastle West and Athea Comhaltas branch. The funeral after Mass was also well attended. Sympathy is extended to her husband John, her son, daughters and other relatives. ‘Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dilis’.



West Limerick Set Dancing Club will hold their next Céilí at The Railway Bar, Abbeyfeale on this Friday night June 22nd at 9pm. Music by Donal de Barra.


Kerry Fleadh Cheoil

The Kerry Fleadh Cheoil is back in Ballybunion this weekend after 50 years since it was previously held there.


ADAPT Services

ADAPT is a charitable organisation based in Rosbrien, Limerick and offers a range of services to women survivors of Domestic Abuse and their children

Research has shown that 1 in 5 women in Ireland experience Domestic Abuse. (Making Links ‘, Kelleher Associates & O’Connor, 1995.

It happens across all social classes. We often think of Domestic Abuse as physical violence; however it occurs in many forms such as – verbal, emotional, sexual, mental, financial abuse. “You don’t need a bruise to be abused”.

The Annual Church Gate Collection is vital to maintain these essential services for women and children in Limerick City and County. The people of County Limerick are always most generous and your continued support on 16/17 June would be much appreciated. ADAPT also greatly appreciates the local collectors who so kindly help at the tables every year. ADAPT has outreach services throughout Limerick City and in Kilmallock and Newcastle West for one-to-one support and Support Groups for survivors of Domestic Abuse.


ADAPT offers

24 hour Free telephone helpline –1800 200 504

24 hour access to safe refuge

Outreach service throughout Limerick City and County

One to one support including translation service

Advocacy and accompaniment

Childcare services

Youth Club and other supports for young people

Play Therapy Service

Group Support

Training Courses for women survivors

Training courses for Statutory and Community Groups.